Friday, October 24, 2008


Consonant Blend Action Rhyme and activities!

Consonant blends are fun to do.
Read them all with me, won’t you?

Float and flutter in the sun.
Twist and twirl and have some fun.

Dribble and drive down the street.
Crawl and crouch on your own feet.

Swing and swim on the big lake.
Prance on in and bake a cake.

Try to fly up in the sky.
Fry some eggs and ask me why.

Consonant blends can really rock.
Practice them around the clock!


1. Have fun reciting this rhyme.
2. Create actions for this rhyme and perform it together as a class.
3. Let the children do a movement exploration activity with this rhyme.
4. Have the children circle all the consonant blends that they can find in the rhyme.
5. Create a book by drawing pictures for each line of this rhyme.

Consonant Blend Musical Chairs

Set chairs up in alternating directions, and put a consonant blend card on each one. Either use lively music or recite the above poem as the children march around the chairs. When the music stops everyone sits in a chair and comes up with a word that starts with the consonant blend on their card. If they can’t, they are out of the game. The last one left is the winner.
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