Saturday, April 2, 2011


Robert Medak wears many hats very well. He is a freelance writer, editor, book reviewer, and aspiring author. Robert has written or ghost written over 350 articles and 80 book reviews.

Robert created a course for writers at Writers’ Village University (WVU), which he facilitated. He also facilitated other courses at WVU, and helped establish a Creative Writing Workshop at WVU.

Robert is working on a book about breaking into freelance writing.

Robert built a website where he offers his services, and maintains five blogs. Today we are going to feature his kids blog which features animals. Here are some excerpts from

Is your dog or cat left-handed? Just like humans, cats and dogs can be either left or right-handed. Did you know that? Not many people do. This could be a chance for you to learn more about your pet. Take a toy and see which paw they use to play with it. Do they use one paw more than the other?

As you interact with your pet, you will be building a greater bond and learning more about the animal family member in the process.

Pets are also like humans in other ways besides preferring one hand over the other. Pets need stimulation to be healthy emotionally. They also need exercise for healthy muscles. Good food and water is only a small portion of what everyone needs, including your furry family members.


Fun and learning sites about mammals. Is your dog or cat a mammal?
All About mammals:
Learn about Pennsylvania Mammals
Mammals – Kids science videos, lessons, quizzes and games for K-12 grade school kids that make learning fun and interesting:

14 Top human foods toxic to animals:
Alcohol, Coffee Grinds, Beans, and Tea, Broccoli, Chocolate, Fatty Foods, Garlic, Grapes, Macadamia Nuts and other nuts, Onions, Raisins, Sugary Foods, Sweeteners, The Pits and Rinds of Fruits, Yeast Dough.

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Lana D said...

Awwwwww! That puppy is so dang cute with his little fuzzy bear! (That's a big as he is!)

Great start to the day, Kathy! Thanks.

Lana D.

Misha said...

I never knew that animals have a dominant side.

:-) Interesting.

Sherri said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog yesterday! I am now following you. I never thought about animals being right or left pawed. My daughter has thought about it; she says her cat tends to use both paws equally. Happy blogging in the A-Z!

Nancy Famolari said...

Love the pic. Since horses are right and left sided, I figured all animals were, but I was delighted to find someone who agrees!!

Great post!

Noemi said...

Wow, I don't own a pet but that info was so interesting!
I will be asking my friends with pets if they know if they are right or left handed.

Carolyn Howard-Johnson said...

Robert, you are a many wondered kind of guy. I didn't know about the kid side of you! And thank you Kathy for letting us know!

And, Lana. I agree. Cutest picture of the week, that pup with his toy.

Carolyn Howard-Johnson
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terri.forehand said...

Very interesting tibits about animals. Thanks for sharing.


Bob Scotney said...

I shall being checking my daughter's dogs. She has one that I swear is ambidextrous.

Jennee said...

What a cute puppy! I didn't realize they were right or left handed...but I'm not around dogs much to notice things like that anyway!

nutschell said...

new follower here! thanks for this informative post. I;m not sure if my cats are left or right handed, they seem to use both paws all the time! thanks for listing the list of toxic foods for pets. always good to know!

Karen Cioffi said...

How cute is that puppy! I didn't know dogs had a dominate side either - very interesting.

Anonymous said...

I didn't know that.
J. Aday Kennedy
The Differently-Abled Writer & Speaker
Children's Author of Klutzy Kantor & Marta's Gargantuan Wings

Anonymous said...

What a cute little puppy. It was worth coming over just for that. Have a great day!

grier cooper said...

I'll have to see if our dog is right or left-handed. Great tips, and it's always handy to have a list of toxic foods to avoid, too, as some of them aren't so obvious.

madcapmaggie said...

Robert, I'll have to check out our dogs to see if they are right pawed or left pawed. Thanks or the really interesting info.

I'm a member of WVU-- what courses did you create?

Jeanne said...

Love this article. I am so glad you wrote it. FIrst I am checking to see if my dog is right or left-pawed. Then I am sharing this with the teachers at work. Great ideas. Nice blog.

Donna M. McDine said...

Terrific post! I knew cats and dog are left or right pawed. Interesting!

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Mari said...

Wow I never knew that about pets! Thanks for sharing that.

Virginia S Grenier said...

What a fun blog post and such a creative way for us to learn a few things I didn't know about Robert and pets.

MM the Queen of English said...

I didn't know that about dogs and cats. I have two cats and one dog. I'm going to try it out.

MM the Queen of English