Friday, October 17, 2008


DAYS END LULLABY written by Karen Cioffi and Robyn Feltman

This enduring book offers you a soothing lullaby to read or sing to your children. The charming illustrations are sure to be pictures your children can relate to and treasure. Upon reaching the last page, my niece fell fast asleep. The lyrical words and sweet melody will lull any restless spirit into a deep and dreamy sleep.

KEESHA'S BRIGHT IDEA written by Eleanor May and illustrated by Amy Wimmer

This book is full of delightful facts about energy usage and waste. This unusual book brings the relevant issue of energy conservation to life with fun characters and an interesting story. The colorful, hip illustrations with their many details keep young children’s attention. On almost every page you’ll find a box with quick tips of fresh new information, which stimulates class discussion. My students were eager to share their own energy saving stories from home, and couldn’t wait to share the new facts and tips they learned in school with their families.

I coupled this book with a great activity. We made “I save energy” T-shirts with energy tips displayed. We hung them with clothespins on a rope across our classroom.

TROUBLE ON EARTH DAY by Kathy Stemke (yes, that's me!)

This children's picture book about a squirrel family that saves nuts, recycles, and saves a little yellow songbird is a great way to start a conversation about conservation with your children or your students. Coming soon!!

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