Thursday, October 23, 2008

Earth Day Activities II

Recycle toilet paper rolls to make napkin rings

1. Cut each roll in half.
2. Paint the ring.
3. Wrap 13 feet of thin ribbon around the ring and glue the ends.
4. Tie a large bow on the front.
5. Place a napkin in your new napkin holder.

Recycle cardboard and gift wrap to make a bookmark

1. Cut a cardboard rectangle 2 ½” by 7”.
2. Wrap it up like a gift.
3. Cut a 1” by 4” piece of construction paper.
4. Put each child’s name on the paper.
5. Glue it to the center of the bookmark.

Recycle short pieces of crayon

1. Put shavings of old crayons in a cookie mold.
2. Add several colors together.
3. Heat and let them melt together.
4. When cool, draw and see the interesting effects that you can make.

Pebble jar vase

1. Clean a large pickle jar. (4 ½” diameter)
2. Glue a 2” to 2 ½” jelly jar inside the pickle jar.
3. Place small rocks or pebbles between the two jars.
4. Tie raffia around the rim of the pickle jar.
5. Fill with dried flowers.

Make a pinecone birdfeeder

1. Tie some string around a large open pinecone
2. Spread peanut butter all over the cone.
3. Roll the cone in oatmeal, nuts, or birdseed.
4. Hang it from a tree and watch the birds feed.

Make a litterbug

1. Paint one section of a paper egg carton.
2. Poke three holes on each side of the body.
3. Place three pipe cleaners through the holes to make legs.
4. Glue beans, buttons, or small rocks on for eyes.
5. Glue yarn or a small twig for a mouth.

Recycle ice cream containers to make blocks

1. Wash them out.
2. Glue the lids on.
3. Paint them.
4. Have fun building things.

Recycle old nylons to make sachels

1. Cut a 4” section.
2. Tie one end with a ribbon.
3. Stuff with poppori.
4. Tie off the other end.
5. Hang them in closets.

Recycle old CD’s to make ornaments

1. Spray glitter on the CD.
2. Tie a ribbon through the hole to hang.
3. Take a picture of each child.
4. Cut the edges with pinking shears.
5. Glue the child’s picture in the center of the CD.

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