Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Prefix and Suffix Activities!

To make a prefix wheel just click on the pictures to enlarge and print. You can change the words or the prefix as desired. Other re words: reapply, recheck, recopy, redry, refry, reglue, regrow, relearn, reload, reread, remix, rename, repaint, repay, retape, retest.

When introducing a new prefix or suffix, draw an elephant on the board and write prefixes on the raised trunk and suffixes on the tail. In the center, on the elephant’s body attach a series of base words. Explore which prefixes or suffixes make a new word. Make some practice cards for the kids to use at a center. Make some with prefixes, some root words, and some suffixes. Let the children mix and match to come up with a list of new words. The kids can make an elephant; write their new word on an elephant, and the meaning on the back. If their word doesn't have a prefix or suffix, they can cut off the trunk or the tail. They love that part!

Have the students find and circle prefixes or suffixes in simple stories they read in reading class. Also explain a lot about the root words and some different prefixes and suffixes you can use with them.

Here are some great websites with more good Ideas!


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