Saturday, October 11, 2008


Perfect squares are fun to do.
Come on guys; let’s do a few.

Zero times zero is zero.
Move with me, just like a hero.

One times one is always one.
Skip around, we’ve just begun.

Hey, two times two is four.
Let’s rock around some more.

Now, three times three is nine.
Slip and slide right on time.

Four times four equals sixteen.
Push and pull like a machine.

Five times five is twenty-five.
Come on kids let’s jump and jive.

Six times six is thirty-six.
Hip-hop and pop in the mix.

Seven times seven is forty-nine.
Float up high and you’ll be just fine.

Eight times eight is sixty-four.
Ride your bike around the floor.

Nine times nine is eighty-one.
Jumping jacks are always fun.

Ten times ten equals a hundred.
Spin and count up to a hundred.

Eleven squared is one twenty-one.
Come dance with me, we’re almost done.

Twelve times twelve’s one forty-four.
Let’s all march right out the door.

Perfect squares are fun to do.
Good job guys; we've done a few.

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