Thursday, October 16, 2008


How High Can You Fly?

1. Tape a large piece of paper to the wall.
2. Practice jumping and touching the paper with one finger.
3. Put one finger on an ink pad
4. Take turns: jump, touch the paper, mark with ink
5. Measure the height with a ruler

Make paper airplanes with each students name on it. Place a 25 foot measuring tape outside on the playground. Have flying contests and measure how far each plane goes.

Balloon Craft

1. print out the template (click on picture to enlarge)
2. color the balloon
3. take digital pictures of each student in the class
4. cut out and glue students into the box
(tissue box or strawberry carton)
5. tie lengths of ribbon or string to each of the 4 corners of the box
6. glue or tape the other end of the string to the balloon
7. tape a fifth piece of string to the top to hang

Air Balloon Action
(I’m a Little Teapot Tune)

I’m a big bright balloon, way up high,
(from squat, rise up onto your toes)

Gliding on air currents, watch me fly!
(arms out, fly around the room)

When the air is used up, I’ll come down,
(touch the ground)

Swirling and whirling, to the ground!
(turn, spin, and squat)

For a dot-to-dot hot air balloon go to:

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