Tuesday, October 21, 2008


BLIND PICK Place several sight words on a large poster board and hang it on the wall at your child's eye level. Like "Pin the Tail on the Donkey," tie a scarf around the child's eyes and spin them in place three times. Have them place their finger on a sight word on the poster. Remove the scarf and have the child read the word.

WORD SCAVENGER HUNT Hide sight words around the room.

BEACH BALL WORDS Section off a ball into many squares with a marker. Each square houses a sight word. Toss the ball to your child, who recites the word under their right thumb.

GAMBLE FOR WORDS Roll the dice. Pick the same number of sight words as the number indicated on the dice. He/she must be able to read each word as they pick it up. Set a time limit and see how many points he/she can earn.

WORD WAR Write sight words on a stack of index cards. A parent or older sibling can play this game with the child. Each player takes turns flipping a card over and the first one to read the sight word wins that card. Parents should count to 10 slowly before telling their child the sight word.

STINKY CHEESE GAME Cut triangles out of yellow construction paper. On 20 triangles write sight words that you want to practice. On 5 triangles write "stinky cheese." Put the triangles in a sack and shake it up. Your child identifies the sight word on the cheese he pulls out of the bag. If he chooses "stinky cheese," he holds his nose and says, "Stinky cheese!" in a silly voice.

UNIFIX CUBES Practice reading sight words that are taped onto the cubes. Make a tower of correct and incorrect words. Try the incorrect words again. Try to make a giant tower with all the sight words correct.

PINECONE WORDS Place poster board pinecones on a small Christmas tree. On the back of each one write a sight word. The children take turns running to the tree, grabbing a pinecone, and reading the sight word.

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