Saturday, September 19, 2009


The letter P. Playing with the parachute with our partners in PE. Learning about percussion for our musicians-to-be.

The letter Q. Who is queen for the day? That’s the question. And when we are really quiet we can answer using gestures. Introduce the art of mime. Mime out stories about queens.

The letter R. After the races are run, and we’ve rock ‘n’ rolled like the best, we deserve to relax and to rest. Have an oldies rock n' roll party. Dress up like the fifties, watch the movie, "Grease," and learn the old dances. (twist, stroll, jerk, monkey, mashed potatoes)

The letter S. How about throwing snowballs? Or take your chance to dance with spiders and scarves. Dance like spiders on all fours. Investigate all the ways to dance with a scarf.

The letter T
. The T is toe-tapping, tap dancing, tail-tagging, target-throwing, tennis-ball-tossing fun.

The letter U. The letter U goes up and under, and up and under all over the U.S.A. Create a USA shape on the floor with masking tape. Travel across the country going up on a raised platform, jumping down, and crawling under a mop handle.

The letter V. Who would not like to see themselves on video while wearing vests, and playing volleyball at their best? Make paper vests in two colors, one for each team. Set up a rope as a net, and hit balloons over it.

The letter W. Which way does the wind blow? North, south, east, or west? Winter wonderland is where you might go. Create a winter wonderland obstacle course with fake snow, inclines, and snowball throw through the hoop.

The letter X. Design pathways and crossroads, play a game of tic-tac-toe, and accompany the movements on a xylophone.

The letter Y. The letter Y is part of the sign for "I love you." We measure and jump a yard and learn to yo-yo, too.

The letter Z. What a way to end: with a zoo. We have a zebra, and the elephant is back, too. We zigzag from side to side.

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