Thursday, September 17, 2009


The letter A. A is for ankle, arm, aerobics, and maybe even your name. Have the kids hold their ankles and move around the room or do an arobics routine.

The letter B. B is for balls, balance, and balloons galore. Use a large peach basket and remove the bottom for a goal. Get the balloon in the basket and get 2 points. practice counting by 2's. Balance on one foot and try to make a basket.

The letter C. C is for clowning around, learning to clap, crawl, catch, and other movements that matter, while learning your letters. Create a circus with clowns, scarf juggling, and an obstacle course.

The letter D. Dancing the day away, what an idea, and learning our ABCs along the way. Play different types of music to explore many types of movements. Dribble, duck, and drop—it’s hard to stop. Dribble a ball around a series of cones.

The letter E. We see with our eyes and hear with our ears. Exercise stations and Elephant Swing are lots of fun, and the egg relay lets us run. Use plastic easter eggs for relay races. (carry the egg in a plastic spoon, hold the egg under your chin or between your knees, or blow the egg along the floor as you walk on all fours)


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Character Education said...

Interesting! I like your imagination, The great work you have done so far! I hope you will carry on! Thanks for sharing with us!