Friday, September 18, 2009


The letter F. Fast and faster we go, and far and farther we throw. Roll out a large measuring tape. Take turns throwing as far as you can. Read the measureing tape too.

The letter G. "I see, I see something green." It is also for girls, gym, go, gallop, and glide. Leap frog is a great green game. A fun movement game is ring a bell for gallop and blow a whistle for glide. Mix it up.

The letter H. Let’s hop, do the Hokey-Pokey, and a whole lot more.

The letter I. We can form the letter with our bodies. And ice cream and ice skating are a must. Tape paper plates to your shoes and slip and slide on your ice skates.

The letter J. Jogging and jumping up and down keep us fit. Jingle bells on your shoes are a great hit! Jog in place. On the sound of the whistle, drop down to your stomach and get up again, continue to jog. Tuck jump, jump half turn, jump full turn, split jump, jumping jacks.

The letter K. You are invited to go outside to fly a kite. Or stay indoors for a kicking course. Practice karate kicks, and kick clap under.

The letter L. Let’s learn left from right as we go. Tapping the lummi sticks or doing the limbo. For fun do animal limbo, or bug limbo.

The letter M. The letter M moves to the marching band music and tumbles on the mats. Make instruments like shakers, kazoos, tambourines, and drums. March around the room or around the school.

The letter N. Can we be nosy and noisy, and check out the news? Play the yes, no game. Ask safety or environmental questions that have yes, no answers. If the answer is yes, jump up and down and make noise. If the answer is no, squat down quietly.

The letter O. The invitation to the Olympics is yours. Try moving on, out, off, and over the obstacle course. For an outside obstacle course, use logs for balance walking, flat rocks for jumping on, garbage cans and a blanket to make a tunnel, and a hanging tire or hula hoop to crawl through.

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