Monday, September 14, 2009

Boys are Active Learners: They Need to Move as They Learn

Recently I came across a great website, which focuses on ways to help boys enjoy reading. The site by owner Mike McQween is full of great articles and tips for helping readers. The following excerpts come from an article which focuses on active learning or movement as a tool to use to help boys enjoy reading.

"Did you know that boys produce less serotonin than girls do? This can cause them to be more antsy and fidgety when forced to sit still for long periods of time.... "

"Boys are active learners. In order to get boys to love books, parents and educators need to change the way THEY think about books....I have learned that while reading to my boys, I need to allow them to ask as many questions as they want so that they feel like active participants in the reading process. Sometimes Caleb will jump off the couch and physically demonstrate something he was thinking about while I read to him."

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