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Executive Producers:
Daniel Klein and Perry


MeeWee is fun, exciting, and uplifting Hip-Hop music for preschool and elementary school age children. Through the years, nearly all Hip-Hop music and culture has been designed for adolescents and adults. These fans now have children who love the lively and energetic songs that they hear; unfortunately, most of the lyrical content isn't quite appropriate. Well, MeeWee solves that! With songs like "I Need A Hug", "Us Bus", and "I Can Be Anything", Hip-Hop fans who are four, five, six, seven, and eight years old have cause to celebrate. So do their parents, as they get their children ready to rap and dance to the beats and rhymes of MeeWee.


Danny Klein, whose résumé included three years as a production assistant for The Simpsons, returned to New York in 1999 to work and write. At the same time, he was already thinking about the project that would become MeeWee. "I was a second-grade teacher in Queens," Klein says. "The children didn't speak English or didn't speak it very well. So, being a hip-hop fan, I would rap to the kids, just so they would get it. And they picked up on it, and they laughed, and they thought it was great, and we continued doing it."


Veronica Davi, first grade teacher, Lowell Elementary, Teaneck, New Jersey

"MeeWee is an important and meaningful project. We use the songs in our first grade class, and the children's creativity is sparked. They become songwriters, and write lyrics to the MeeWee beats. Teachers are excited about MeeWee!"

Samara Kaufman, Jumpstart, site manager, Brooklyn, New York

"I found MeeWee music to be incredibly energetic for our young children and I now consider it an integral part of our curriculum."

Anita Septimus, PHD. Program Director, Department of Pediatric Medicine, Montefiore Medical Center, New York City

"As a light of hope, a sound of music and joy, MeeWee has infused new creativity, self-esteem, values, healing, and courage in our youth. Let's experience with them the magic when the power of 'Me' becomes the power of 'We'."

Kathy Stemke, Author/Educator Atlanta, Georgia

"As a former kindergarten teacher, dancer and choreographer I highly recommend MeeWee for your home or classroom. These hip and lively tunes will inspire endless hours of creativity and movement. The Us Bus has a catchy tune, and is loaded with short u vowel sounds like us, bus, fuss, must, hush, trust, gush, and bust. Jumping Jacks gives kids the opportunity to move and groove. One of my favorite songs is Sounds like Music, because it offers a huge variety of everyday sounds to move to. Check out the lesson plans on MeeWee.com. You can buy the tunes on Amazon, Rhapsody, itunes, and emusic.

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