Sunday, June 28, 2009


This is a fun activity that requires measurement skills, art, body parts identification, and matching skills.

1. Have each child trace both his shoes on construction paper, and cut them out.

2. Put their name on the back of each foot.

3. Have the children measure the length to the nearest inch, and write it on the front of each foot.

4. Trace your own shoes and add several others of various sizes.

5. Let the children measure the other feet and record the lengths.

6. The kids can take turns matching up the feet first with the measurement side showing.

7. Now flip the shoes over and see if they can still match up the feet in pairs.

8. The children can practice counting by twos.

9. Now each child can use their art skills to decorate their own set of feet.

10. You can make a great bulletin board of feet, each with the child's picture next to their feet.

11. Laminate all the other feet. Tape them to the floor in pairs. Have the children jump from pair to pair counting by twos.

12. Talk about individuality and diversity. Bring in shoes or pictures of shoes that represent different cultures and talk about their cultures. (wooden shoes for holland, chinese slippers, middle eastern curly toed shoes, snow shoes for Russia, sandles for Africa, native american mocasins, mountain boots from Tibet)

A great book to use in conjunction with this lesson is Shoes, Shoes, Shoes by Ann Morris.

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