Wednesday, April 27, 2011

"V" is for "Violets Music"

"Violet's Music"

Written by Angela Johnson
Illustrated by Laura Huliska-Beith

One of the finest books about young people developing their love of music... The heroine here is a girl named Violet, who discovers her musical inclinations while still in the nursery crib in the delivery ward. She spend her entire childhood trying to meet up with like-minded children, but never finds anyone with the same passion... That is, until one day in the park when she meets three other teenagers and forms a band with them. There are several nice touches to this book... The first is the general gist of the plot -- music, yay! I also liked some of the little touches, such as how the author gives equal importance to other interests: when she goes into kindergarten, Violet notes that different kids excel at different things -- some like painting, others read books, etc. I also like how the book never defines what kind of music Violet and her friends play, leaving it to readers to fill in the blans themselves. Nice artwork, too, full of vibrancy and good cheer. Highly recommended

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