Thursday, April 7, 2011



Author: Katie Hines

Guardian takes place in a modern world and incorporates the normal with magic, fantasy, and the quest for the Holy Grail. Before Drew’s mother died, she told him he has a destiny. He must use a magic journal to find a treasure and fulfill that destiny. It soon becomes clear to Drew, and his friends, Mattie and Javon, the journey they must take is full of danger, surprise, and action.

The author, Katie Hines, keeps the story moving forward with fast paced action sure to delight any fantasy lover. Her descriptions, intricate plot, and fresh verb usage remind me of my favorite author, Cornelia Funke.

The following passage, an example of her descriptions, is ingenious and full of energy. “An early cold snap arrived with a vengeance, stealing into homes and rattling old bones. Senior citizens cornered anyone who would listen, telling that a cold Maine winter would soon follow. Snaking its long fingers through the truck window Mr. Newman kept cracked, the cold touched and chilled the three young people who rode to the ferry, Bar Harbor’s The Pirate’s Run.”

This story is birthed from the actual history of the Holy Grail and the Knight’s Templar. The author, having done her homework well, intertwines fantasy and history seamlessly to create an intriguing mystery full of exciting twists and turns. Usually I can guess the ending of a book before it’s over. Ms. Hines had me guessing until the end. Way to go! I know she will have incredible success with this book.


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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the rview. I like books where the protagonist has a destiny. Lord of the Rings was such a story. The character has a lot to overcome to be the hero.