Wednesday, April 6, 2011

"E" is for "Ebeneezer's Cousin" "Earthquake" "Trouble on Earthday"

Ebeneezer's Cousin

Author: Kristen Zajac
Artist: Jennifer Thomas Houdeshell

Maria Jimenez and her dad share many things including a passion for going to see the monkeys at their local primate sanctuary. But when Maria’s father returns home from military service with an injury, how will she find a way to help him recapture his spirit and independence?


Author: Susan J Berger
Artist: Eugene Ruble

This book about Earthquakes empowers your kids with information and preparedness. What causes earthquakes? Can we predict them? How are earthquakes measured? How do we prepare for them? There are lots of fun factoids and a few experiments. (Learn how to make your own seiche.) What was the biggest earthquake? Find out here.

EARTHQUAKE! won HONORABLE MENTION in the Wild Card Category at the 2009 GREEN BOOK


Author: Kathy Stemke
Artist: Kurt Wilcken

This is a fun and educational story about a Squirrel who helps a new friend while saving the earth. This book is a one stop shopping value for parents and teachers because the teacher's guide is full of great recycling ideas, craft projects, and worksheet pages. It should be available for purchase by June 2011!

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Dani said...

Hey, A-Z pal! Do you know about It has a green theme, too.

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Ju Dimello said...

Ages since I picked up such stories :) Thanks for the reminder.. I want to now forget the world and get back to what I read when I was a kid :)

Following you from A-Z challenge!

Amanda Trought said...

Kathy, you have a great selection of books here. Looking forward to seeing your other posts. Stay blessed. Amanda

iZombie said...

gravy post!

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Jeremy [iZombie]

Bz said...

wow! some really great books here! Nice to meet you through the A-Z challenge :) Hope to see you around! :) Thank you for your research and a great post!

Lynda R Young said...

Great books! I like the sound of Earthquake in particular.