Thursday, October 28, 2010

Book Review: The Fisherman's Wife by Dianne G. Sagan

Title: The Fisherman’s Wife
Author: Dianne G. Sagan
Genre: Middle Grade
Publisher: Buoy Up Press
ISBN: 978-0-937660-63-8
Paperback: 107 pages
Price: $11.95

Would you like to travel back to biblical times and experience the life of the wife of a fisherman from Capernaum?  Then you would enjoy “The Fisherman’s Wife” by Dianne Sagan. 

Dianne Sagan’s historical fiction is rich in Jewish customs and traditions.  After formalized negotiations between their fathers, Simon asked for Johanna’s hand in marriage. 

“Simon took her hand and placed a gold coin in herm palm as a sign of their betrothal.  He said, ‘Behold, you are consecrated unto me with this token according to the law of Moses and Isreal.’”

Johanna’s happiness eventually soured after repeated tries to give birth ended in disappointment and shame.  Her inner turmoil was matched by the society turmoil that existed from the cruel treatment by the Roman Empire.

“Johanna heard screaming and thundering horse’s hooves in the street….. One of the soldiers threw a net over two men running in front of them.  The two men fell and rolled in the net like fish trying to swim free.”

When Johanna’s husband and several others left their boats to follow a traveling Rabbi, Johanna was left wondering who would provide for her and her sick mother.  Bitterness grew in her heart.  Johanna faced the biggest decision of her life.

“The Fisherman’s Wife” will captivate those eight years old and up.  As a retired teacher I recommend this book for home, school and church libraries.

Reviewed by Kathy Stemke, Author/educator

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Susanne Drazic said...

Sounds like a book that I'll have to add to my TBR book list. Thanks for sharing your review.