Friday, October 15, 2010

Become a Fan of Children’s Author & Illustrator, Monique and Alexa Peters

This month I'm hosting Day 6 of the Virtual Book Tours for all the children's book authors/illustrators who are part of the October Showcase at the National Writing for Children Center. Today I'm pleased to be hosting Day 6 of the tour for authors Alexa and Monique Peters.

In June 2010, my daughter and I traveled to Peru with the Happy Hearts Fund and Petra Nemcova and were able to meet with the children of Peru and share our book, "Cooper and Me", with them.

My daughter, Alexa,  left Peru feeling greatly inspired. Her goal was to raise enough funds through the sale of the books to build a school in Haiti.

What began as a few sketches of our family dog has grown into something more profound. Alexa is using her passion for art and love of animals to help bring hope and happiness to children who have lost so much.

The Cooper and Me project has evolved to include a CD with original songs for each book, stuffed “Cooper” and “Bella” toys, a matching doghouse and backpacks for kids. Visit our website at

The authors contribute three dollars from the sale of each “Cooper and Me” book to support the Happy Hearts Fund, a charity that builds schools for children in areas affected by natural disaster. Supermodel Petra Nemcova, who survived the 2004 Tsunami in Thailand, founded the charity. 

In recognition of her “Buy a Book, Help Build a School” fundraising campaign, Alexa was named the youngest ambassador for the Happy Hearts Fund. For more information on the Happy Hearts Fund, go to
Follow all 7 authors on their 6-day Virtual Book Tours and leave comments and you could win the Giftbox Giveaway from the National Writing for Children Center. Click here to keep following the tours The National Writing for Children Center. 

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