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I'm honored to feature an incredible author, J. Aday Kennedy, on my blog today. This differently-abled author, is an award winning, multi-published author of inspirational/Christian articles and essays for adults and of children’s
literature. As a ventilator dependent quadriplegic, she is making her dreams come
true one story at a time. As a speaker, Aday entertains, instructs, motivates and
inspires audiences of all ages.

Check out my review of her book:

Reading level: Ages 9-12
Paperback: 24 pages
Publisher: Guardian Angel Publishing, Inc (April 14, 2010)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1616330511
ISBN-13: 978-1616330514
Reviewed by Kathy Stemke

Children will relate to this adorable character, Klutzy Kantor, as he falls and trips on every page. The themes of friendship, training hard to achieve a goal, and a desire to improve are wonderful lessons for kids to learn as they follow his quest to become graceful.

Ms. Kennedy’s humor throughout this delightful book will tickle kid’s funny bones everywhere. They’ll have so much fun they won’t realize that they’re learning great life lessons. They’ll be rooting for Kantor to outwit the leprechaun, Cobbledom McSweeney, and get his wish granted.

The riddles found in this book are an added challenge to young and old minds alike. As a retired teacher I can imagine children in classrooms frantically raising their hands with their imaginative answers to these riddles.

Jack Foster, a talented illustrator, has used vibrant colors that are full of fun and movement to portray this story. Kids will laugh along with his cute, loveable characters.

I recommend J.Aday Kennedy’s book, Klutzy Kantor, for home and school libraries.

Kathy: Thank you for stopping by today to discuss your new book, Klutzy Kantor.

Aday: I’m thrilled to be here and get a teacher’s opinion.

Kathy: How did you find names for you characters?

Aday: I brainstorm, look at baby name books, and I keep a list of “different” sounding names I come across. Well, Kantor, because horses canter and I changed it to a K, because Klutz starts with a K. Agra is a name of one of my favorite characters from the children’s movie, The Dark Crystal. Cobbledom McSweeney sounded Irish and popped into my head. I search for names in my search engine. The less prevalent the name is the greater chance I’ll use it.

Kathy: Where did you find the riddles in your book?

Aday: I remembered the edam cake riddle from childhood, but switched it up a little. The “four ants riddle,” was shared with me by a friend from India. I changed it a bit, too.

Kathy: What part of the book do you think kids will relate to the most?

Aday: Wishing they were different and dealing with their short-comings will resonate with readers. Any time I can I surround the lesson to be learned with humor I do.

Kathy: Which do you think is the most important life lesson in your book?

Aday: Focus on your strengths, hone them through practice, because things don’t just happen. It’s up to us to find a way to make our dreams come true.

Kathy: Where can my readers find out more about you and your books?

Aday: You can visit Klutzy Kantor’s Blog at The characters from the next 2 books in the series are sure to drop in and be interviewed. There are many interesting features to read.

My author website at discusses all of my books and has coloring pages, the dance steps to Klutzy Kantor’s theme song, the entire song, “Go Me!” and a teacher’s guide for each of my books.

Kathy: How did you come up with the idea of a song and dance?

Aday: You. SURPRISE! I loved your book, Moving Through all Seven Days. I bet you never thought that would be my answer. I worry about kids not exercising. Your book encourages movement and that appealed to me.

A great way that the “big dogs” market their books is through toys, clothing, music and movies. My budget wouldn’t allow for that, but when I heard The Character Studio DOT com’s songs for Stubby’s Destiny and Rooter & Snuffle, I jumped on the band wagon to give my characters a voice and get kids moving.

Kathy: Wow, I’m so glad I was able to influence you to bring movement ideas to the children. It’s so very important. Where can my readers buy Klutzy Kantor?

Aday: Klutzy Kantor is available at:
Your local bookstore can order a copy.

Kathy: I understand you are offering prizes as part of your Klutzy Kantor book tour. Can you tell us how to participate?"

Aday: Yes, I have planned a giveaway at the end of the tour. The more stops visitors make and promote with blurbs on their social networks the more entries in the contest they receive. The more participants, the more prizes and winners their will be. I will let the winner(s) choose their prizes. Winner 1 gets first choice, winner 2 gets second choice and so on. Every 13 participants adds another prize. For pictures of the possible prizes and contest rules visit

Kathy: Thanks for stopping by today. Good luck with your book.

Aday: I’m really looking forward to watching the whole series come out. I hope I can visit again and have more new songs, and dances to share.

Kathy: I’d love that Aday. I can’t wait to see the other books in the series.

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Karen Cioffi said...

Jessica, the Klutzy Kantor sounds great. And, having vivid illustrations is always a plus for children's books. It does help hold a child's attention.

Donna M. McDine said...


Thanks for featuring Aday today. With each interview of her I learn something new. Her marketing mind is just as wonderful as her writing!

Best wishes to you both for your continued success,

Anonymous said...

This book would be fun for preschoolers and kindergarters. Go Me is a caughty song I can see the kids sing and dance along with. I'm a former first grade teacher and right now homeschooling my third grader.

Congrats on the release of your book!

Kim Baccellia

Virginia S Grenier said...

Love the book trailer Jessica. Character Studios did Stanley's music video. They're great aren't they.

Also, I just love hearing more and more about you. Keep up the great work and marketing. You Rock!

Jane Kennedy Sutton said...

What a clever marketing idea and fun video. I like the “Go me,” refrain. I’m adding this to my list of books to pick up for my grandson.

Anonymous said...

Thanks ladies.
J. Aday Kennedy
The Differently-Abled Writer
Children's picture Book Klutzy Kantor
Coming Soon Marta Gargantuan Wings

NancyCL said...

Thanks for a great review and article, Kathy! Jess has penned a delightful book!

Margot Finke said...

I love the name Klutzy Kantor. You can wrap your tongue around it, ad kids love that.

Great going, Jessica.
Cool interview Kathy.
Books for Kids
Manuscript Critiques

Beverly Stowe McClure said...

Nice review and interview, Kathy.

I can see kids reading your book over and over again, J. It sounds like such fun they won't even realize they're learning something.

Anonymous said...

This is a great book for kids. I enjoy the song too. I've already listened to it a couple of times today.
Also retweeted this post!

Janet Ann Collins said...

It's a cute book by an amazing author.

Nicole weaver said...

Wow Kathy,
You did an outstanding job with this interview. Thanks for sharing, Jessica is one talented author. I love her spunk .
Nicole weaver

Susan Hornbach said...

A wonderful interview Kathy, and Jess, the trailer and voice of Klutzy is cheerful and fun. Wishing you both all good things with your books, and all of your wonderful writings.

Busy Teacher said...

Hello Jess,
great book and a catchy-catchy tune + clever fun video! Thank you!

kathy stemke said...

Thank you for stopping by and encouraging Jessica.

Accountant, Author & Freelance Writer said...

This was a great interview Kathy. It's so nice to read more about Jessica and her new books!

Heidiwriter said...

This is great, Aday! I can imagine kids will love it!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for dropping by everone.
J. Aday Kennedy
The Differently-Abled Writer
Children's picture Book Klutzy Kantor
Coming Soon Marta Gargantuan Wings

Mayra Calvani said...

Great review and interview, ladies!

I can't wait to read Klutzy Kantor!

Pragmatic Mom said...

I love picture books too!

I wanted to share my favorite picture book list with you from my blog at

It's Favorite Picture Books that You've Never Heard of.

Pragmatic Mom
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I blog on children's lit, education and parenting

Anonymous said...

Hello Everyone,
Glad you dropped by.
J. Aday Kennedy
The Differently-Abled Writer
Children's picture Book Klutzy Kantor
Coming Soon Marta Gargantuan Wings

Anonymous said...

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