Saturday, October 24, 2009


It's so exciting!

Next month, VBT – Writers on the Move is having its ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY!

To celebrate this accomplishment, we are having a STUPENDOUS Blogaversary Tour!

Daily postings and DAILY PRIZES! But, that's not all, we're still having our Mystery Site Giveaway: the Anniversary PRIZE is a $25 (US) GIFT CARD.

Visit the VBT – Writers on the Move blogsite for all the details. --------- --------- --------- --------- ----
Nov. 1 Dianne Sagan is hosting Heidi Thomas
Nov. 2 Harry Gilleland is hosting Karen Cioffi
Nov. 3 Karen Cioffi is hosting Martha Swirzinki
Nov. 4 Kathy Stemke is hosting Brigitte Thompson
Nov. 5 Nancy Famolari is hosting Deborah Weed
Nov. 6 Margaret Fieland is hosting Elysabeth Eldering
Nov. 7 Crystalee Calderwood is hosting Harry Gilleland
Nov. 8 Katie Hines is hosting Heather Paye
Nov. 9 Helena Harper is hosting Steve Tremp
Nov. 10 Liana Metal is hosting Crystalee Calderwood
Nov. 11 Carolyn Howard-Johnson is hosting Marvin Wilson
Nov. 12 Gayle Trent is hosting Dianne Sagan
Nov. 13 Mayra Calvani is hosting Carolyn Howard-Johnson
Nov. 14 Marvin Wilson is hosting Gayle Trent
Nov. 15 Linda Asato is hosting Mayra Calvani
Nov. 16 Heather Paye is hosting Katie Hines
Nov. 17 Steve Tremp is hosting Helena Harper
Nov. 18 Elysabeth Eldering is hosting Linda Asato
Nov. 19 Darcia Helle is hosting Liana Metal
Nov. 20 Deborah Weed is hosting Nancy Famolari
Nov. 21 Brigitte Thompson is hosting Margaret Fieland
Nov. 22 Martha Swirzinki is hosting Darcia Helle
Nov. 23 Heidi Thomas is hosting Kathy Stemke

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Carolyn Howard-Johnson said...

What fun. Great advance promotion, Kathy. Thank you for featuring our tour so prominently. You know how I am about marketing. (-:

Carolyn Howard-Johnson
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kathy stemke said...

Thanks, Carolyn.

Anonymous said...

Hi Kathy,
I'm a newbie to the VBT and I see that I'm hosting you on the 23rd. How would you like to do this? Do you want an interview or to write an article or ? Help me through this, since it's my first one. You can contact me at