Thursday, October 22, 2009

Check Out This Great Blog by Maria Zagora


MiaZagora Homeschool Minutes
A blog that highlights inexpensive and free resources, links to the greatest blogs, as well as occasional educational news topics.

Maria provides LONG LISTS of great resources:

Fantastic Freebies!
Inexpensive Learning Curriculums!
Web Sites for Kids!
A Great Blogroll!
A Seperate Math and Science Blog List!
A List of Super Homeschool Blogs!
A List of Writing Instruction Blogs!
Art and Crafts Blogs!
General Education Blogs!
Christianity Blogs!
Blog Carnival Information Links!
A List of Fun Stuff Blogs!
Curriculum Links!

Recent Posts include:

All Owls: A fun study
My Body
All Apples: A fun study
ook Bag od FunB
All 50 States


MiaZagora said...

Kathy - thanks so much for the link! Actually, the name of the blog is MiaZagora's Homeschool Minutes...but my real name is Maria. When I emailed you before, I was explaining that MiaZagora is a crazy pseudonym I made up a long time ago.

kathy stemke said...

I like it-your pseudonym and your blog!! WAY TO GO!