Friday, October 23, 2009


Here is a simple story you can use early in the year. The bold words are the things you sketch as you tell the story. Use just enough detail in your drawing to get the point across. Use colors only where indicated.

A Fall Day at the Playground

Today I visited the playground. Right in the middle of the park I saw a big maple tree. The leaves were orange and falling from the branches. Next to the tree was a swing. I went up and down on the swing. To the right was a slide. I slid down to the bottom of the slide. The monkey bars were very high. I climbed to the top. A little squirrel was gathering nuts. There were 4 lily pads floating on the pond. I jumped on each one, and counted to four. It was a great Fall day at the playground.

*The teacher tells a story, drawing a "story map" as a memory aid.

*Students reconstruct the story, as a group, as the teacher points the story map.

*Teacher reads the story and students act out the story.

*Individual students tell the story using the story map.

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Donna M. McDine said...

What a terrific exercise. Thank you for consistently sharing wonderful tips. Keep up the great work.

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kathy stemke said...

Thanks, Donna. I love creating lessons.

Cathy Puett Miller said...

I love this. I actually printed it out to show as an example with my 4-6th grade home school writing class I'm teaching. It has a great introductory sentence, good details in the middle and closes out nicely with a conclusing sentence as well.