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Fantastic newsletter! I am going to enjoy reading your newsletter and look forward to trying lots of the activities with the children I teach.

Thank you,
Mary K.

My absolute favorite part of your newsletter was your Musical Consonants in Action to the "If You're Happy and You Know It" tune!! Having just published my first ABC book, I'm a bit obsessed with the alphabet at the moment. :) But I loved this song and think it's a fun, engaging way to practice letters, sounds, vocabulary, and movement. Well done! May I share this song? I would love to pass it on to the teachers I help train at the University of Texas at Arlington?

Keep up the great work!


Thank you for the newsletter. I am a literacy mentor and loved your song, if you are happy and you know it, I am planning on sharing it with the teachers that I work with.

Thank you,
Cathy Kallevig

Great Newsletter!! I especially liked "Awareness of Space"-something I can teach my son. I will use these tips on my own children.


Both parents and teachers of small children will want to subscribe to Movement and Rhythm, a valuable new resource from educator and children's author, Kathy Stemke. This free newsletter is chock full of original articles, activities, and other offers to make education and teaching more fun and effective both inside and outside the classroom.

Suzanne Lieurance
The Working Writer's Coach

I love your newsletter! As a classroom teacher working for the school district I am required to document my on-going "professional development." Frankly, it can become very boring. Your content is set up in easy to read blocks and the way it is written translates immediately into something I can do right now with the kids.
Please continue with this awesome resource!

Versana Polidore
Thomas Gibbs Elementary School
Classroom teacher

Kathy Stemke's "Movement and Rhythm" Newsletter is a must read for all parents and teachers of little ones. I remember having my children clean their rooms to music, as we sang little songs. Learning through movement and rhythm is a good means for teaching many things, as well as helping children learn to appreciate music. After all, many of us still sing the Alphabet Song to ourselves when we need to check the alphabet.

Vivian Gilbert Zabel
Publisher 4RV, Author, Educator
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Ms. Julie's Place said...

Just found you via blogcatalog.
I am a home school parent and art teacher. It will be interesting to use all the tips I find here. Thanks so much for sharing!
If you ever need an art lesson, feel free to stop by my blog and use whatever you find helpful.