Monday, February 16, 2009

Black History Month Don Cheadle:A Person of Influence

Don Cheadle: A Person of Influence
The American film actor, Don Cheadle, inspires many people to give their time, money and energy to help the people of Darfur in Africa. This Article will inspire you to ask what you can do to help those less fortunate in the world. During Black History month we need to see what others are doing today to help the unfortunate people in Africa.

Don Cheadle, actor, director, producer, author, and humanitarian, has stared in over 40 films and 20 TV episodes. After playing a hotel manager in "Hotel Rowanda," he was shocked and energized into becoming an activist to bring awareness to the genocide, and monumental suffering of the people in the Darfur region of Sudan. The over 400,000 deaths and 2.5 million people forced to leave their homes and live in deplorable refugee camps inspired Mr. Cheadle to co-author a book with activist, John Prendergast, entitled, "Not on Our Watch: The Mission to End Genocide in Darfur and Beyond." This book challenges its readers to become politically active and use their influence to raise awareness about this horrible human crisis. Along with fellow actors, he founded an organization, Not on Our Watch, to draw on the powerful voices of artists, activists and cultural leaders, to generate lifesaving assistance and protection for the vulnerable, marginalized and displaced. Last year this group raised 6 million dollars to help prevent malnutrition, administer immunizations to children, teach hygiene and safe cooking practices, and provide health care and alternatives to dangerous fuel gathering outside the refugee camps. They also helped protect various aid agencies and contributed to the Humanitarian Aid Helicopter Service, which were all vital services for the millions of displaced people in the refugee camps.

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deborah said...

Kathy...thanks for sharing this with us. There are so many tragedies on this planet. today I am going to an all day Bob Marley Festival, to celebrate Black History month.... he was a great musician, songwriter, and artist. In June 1978, he was awarded the Peace Medal of the Third World from the United Nations. We will be seeing reggae music legends until 11 pm tonight.

deborah ramos

kathy stemke said...

WOW, that sounds exciting, Deborah. Have fun!