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Free study guides and teacher resources from author Simon Rose

Author, Simon Rose, is a graduate of the Institute of Children's Literature of West Redding, CT and has been a prolific writer of children's fiction for many years.


The Heretic’s Tomb While exploring a medieval archaeological site containing the ruins of an ancient English abbey, Annie discovers the long-forgotten tomb of Lady Isabella Devereaux, who had been condemned to death as a heretic in 1349. When she examines a mysterious amulet, she is suddenly sent hurtling back to the Middle Ages, encountering sorcery, treachery, treason and the ghastly horrors of the Black Death.

The Clone Conspiracy At the dawn of the twenty-first century, governments around the world panicked as technology rapidly advanced. They didn't realize that cloneing genie was already out of the bag.

The Sorcerer’s Letterbox In a hidden drawer, Jack discovers a letter from a boy calling himself Edward. Penning a reply, Jack is astonished to be corresponding through time with the boy king Edward V. Travelling back in time, Jack attempts to rescue Edward V from death, but is soon fighting for his life in the terrifying London of 1483.

The Alchemist’s Portrait A school trip at the city museum leads Matthew into an eerie meeting with Peter Glimmer, imprisoned inside his own portrait by his villainous uncle in 1666. Matthew is sent hurtling over 300 years into the past to recover the one object that can save the world.

The Doomsday Mask In the destruction of Atlantis, the legendary mask of Kulkaan was thought to have been shattered and irretrievably lost. The mask’s crystal fragments have now been found and the mask of Kulkaan reassembled, with deadly consequences for all mankind. Josh and Erica must prevent the mask from falling into the hands of the shadowy Crystalline Order, in order to save the world from catastrophe.


Each of the authors novels can provide teachers with a wide variety of ways to explore projects in the classroom. The Fun Stuff and Puzzles page features word searches related to the text and character names in each novel, plus you can also access The Super Scavenger Search, where the answers to a series of mind boggling questions are hidden in different pages all over the author's website.


In The Emerald Curse, Sam had adventures inside a strange comic book universe, where the super heroes and villains are disturbingly real. The novel lends itself to numerous student projects related to the superhero genre.

Create Your Own Superhero

Students invent their very own hero, complete with a colourful costume, amazing powers, a secret identity, a hidden headquarters, friends, family and an archenemy, who has some kind of connection to the hero. Students could also craft detailed character synopses of their hero, along with all the supporting players, including their main adversary and even a sidekick.

The Beginning

Once they have invented their very own hero, the students create an exciting origin story, detailing how the hero got his or her powers in the first place.

Headline News

In the style of a traditional newspaper front page, students can write an exciting, dramatic story, describing an action packed battle between the hero and his arch-enemy, complete with an attention grabbing headline.

Comic Book

Students learn how to create their own comic book depicting the adventure of the
superhero they have created, complete with an eye catching cover and unique logo
designed especially for their hero.

Board Games

In the novel, Sam is propelled into the comic book universe and has adventures in a
number of different worlds, before his arrival in the realm ruled by the sinister Baron Midnight. Sam’s initial journey into the illustrations and subsequent travels elsewhere could form the basis of a board game that students could develop, once they are familiar with the storyline.

Throughout the school year, Simon Rose offers presentations, readings, author in residence programs and conducts workshops for children at schools and libraries all across Canada, the United States and around the world.

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Simon Rose said...

Thanks for posting this, Kathy. My books are all ideal for a variety of projects in the classroom, related to the superhero genre and comic books, numerous personalities, stories and events from history, science and technology, the world of fine art and portraiture and more, all helping to inspire students in their own creativity. I hope that the the teachers who visit your site will find the study guides useful and perhaps even contact me for further details. Thanks again.