Wednesday, April 18, 2012

The Winner of The Trouble on Earth Day Photo Contest is.....

12 years old, Ali Jo Marshall has won a $10 gift card! She took this squirrel picture in her back yard in Snohomish, Washington in the summer of 2011.
What a great young photographer!

This photo reminds me of my main character in Trouble on Earth Day, Shelby the squirrel. Shelby wins an Earth Day poster contest at school and searches her home for things to recycle. Her recycled items save the day when she meets a homeless bluebird. This colorful picture book has 23 pages of activities, songs, games, and recycling crafts. Order your copy on my blog or through amazon or other online book stores.

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Jo Marshall said...

Wow, Kathy! Can't wait to tell Ali Jo she won with her sweet photo. She's always clicking away, and it's great to know you like her photo. Thanks for hosting this, and creating your great blog!

Susanne Drazic said...

CONGRATS to the winner! It's a great photo.

Donna McDine said...

Ali Jo is a natural photographer! I hope she follows her talents!

All the best,