Monday, April 9, 2012

Recycling Crafts for Earth Day

Earth Day is approaching. Celebrate with me on my book tour for Trouble on Earth Day by doing some recycling crafts with our children. Show them that helping the earth can be fun!

Snake Craft

This is a craft and a fun toy all in one! Preschoolers design their snake and then they can take it for a “walk” by pulling it along with the yarn.

What You Need: paper towel tube, scissors, tempera or poster paints, googly eyes, scrap of red felt, red yarn, glitter glue, paintbrush, glue.

How You make It: Adult cuts the paper towel roll into six sections of similar width. Preschooler creatively paints the sections, adding glitter glue and other details. Once paint is dry, help preschooler apply googly eyes and glue red felt forked tongue to the “head” tube section. Loop yarn around last section and tie; thread the yarn through the rest of the section, leaving it loose at the head as a leash to pull the snake.

Octopus Toilet Roll


Cut eight legs

Glue buttons for feet

Google eyes

Draw a mouth

Make a pebble Jar Vase

1. Clean a large pickle jar. (4 ½” diameter)

2. Glue a 2” to 2 ½” jelly jar inside the pickle jar.

3. Place small rocks or pebbles between the two jars.

4. Tie raffia or vines around the rim of the pickle jar.

5. Fill with dried flowers.

Remember to help the Earth and have fun on Earth Day with recycling crafts!

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