Sunday, August 28, 2011

Online Resources for Teachers and Education Professionals

Teachers, step through the door to new opportunities and technologies!

The online world has changed many facets of our lives and this is especially the case for teachers and the way we approach education. The Internet is, after all, a collection of data that's unparalleled in the whole of human history. Unfortunately, not every educator is aware of some of the excellent online resources that are available to them.

As the face of education changes, it's important that our education professionals are able to adapt to a changing society that is becoming more influenced by online approaches and techniques. At institutions like the University of Phoenix San Diego, professors are using the Internet as a tool to give students a more diverse experience. Here's a list of some of the best sites that have show to be highly effective:

Google Docs

This is a free program that has been highly effective in information distribution. Through this site you can share assignments with your class that may be accessed from anywhere. These “view only” files are accessible to everyone and improve how the students can access any information pertaining to classroom discussions and assignments. Students can go on Google Docs and make a quick copy of any file on the page. This has also allowed educators to share source material and information from anywhere in the world. Google Docs is a multi-user based system that gives students the ability to compartmentalize multiple classes and assignments in separate folders and has done away with the need for hard copies. This way you can share information and not risk misplacing notes or assignments.

iTunes U

The iTunes program is the most popular music database used by a majority of people to categorize and manage their music and video collection, but iTunes may be used for more than just music. iTunes U is a distribution system that's a iTunes add-on which allows anyone, including education professionals, to share lectures, lessons, audio books, lessons, and pretty much any media format you can think of with each other. This is a way that teachers can provide quality source material and teaching lessons with their students using the power of multimedia. Basically put, you can lean anything from anywhere at the touch of a button.

Online Education Database

Online Education Database is a resources that isn't widely known but has proven to be very useful. It's for both students and teachers and allows participants to take a class online at no cost. You can't get a degree through this site, but it's a great supplemental tool for individuals to expand their knowledge on specific areas of interest.

Not every college has the resources that meets the demands of the entire student body. In times like these, the OED can be access from anywhere in the world and provide users with a wealth of knowledge and source material that covers topics across many sectors and areas of interest. From the University of Phoenix to Cambridge, you can share knowledge at an unprecedented scale. It's not an education so much as a source for supplemental material that will provide extra material for classes or areas of interest.

These are a few of the excellent online resources already on the web, but many more exist to help educators provide a more comprehensive learning experience for every student. Tools like the ones listed above will likely become more common place as technology paves the way for the future and improves our ability to learn and achieve.

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