Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Book review: Muscles Make Us Move

Title:  Muscles Make Us Move
Written by: Bill Kirk
Illustrated by:  Eugene Ruble
Soft cover: 31 pages
Ages:   8-13
Publisher:    Guardian Angel Publishing, Inc.
Print ISBN 13 978-1-:616331-134-4; 1616331348
eBook ISBN 13:  978-1-61633-135-1; 616331356

Published:     July 2011
Print Price:    $11.95
                                                                               eBook Price: $5.00
ATTENTION all teachers, parents and students!!

Author Bill Kirk has added another amazing rhyming non-fiction book to his The Sum of Our Parts Series in Guardian Angel Publishing’s Academic Wings,  Muscles Make Us Move!! Like his books about bones and the circulatory system, this book uses easy to memorize fun rhymes to name the major muscle groups and their job in our bodies.
Two names of leg muscles,
Just might make you laugh,
Gastrocnemius and soleus
Are found in the “calf.”

In addition, you will find a valuable teaching and learning aid on every page, a factoid. These are every teacher’s dream because they’re jam packed with vital information in a simple and interesting format.

Smooth muscle is also called INVOLUNTARY muscle because the brain tells those muscles what to do without your even knowing about it.
Eugene Ruble’s detailed and amusing illustrations add to the value of this book. The full body muscular drawings with over a hundred muscles displayed provide extension learning possibilities for students.
The glossary provides a quick and easy way to identify the muscles highlighted in the book. As a retired teacher, I would highly recommend Muscles Make Us Move for every classroom, school and personal library. I wish I had this book when I was studying anatomy and physiology in college. It’s simple enough for young students and interesting enough for adults to enjoy for years to come.

So remember…

And when brushing your teeth,

After eating dessert,

Buccinators in your cheeks

Make water go “squirt”.

Reviewer: Kathy Stemke

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Kit said...

Thanks Kathy, Way to go Bill, Looks like a winner-
Kit Grady

Kit said...

Thanks Kathy, Great work Bill

Connie Arnold said...

Bill is wonderful with those rhymes, and this is such a good way for children to have fun and learn. Thanks for sharing the great review, Kathy!

Anonymous said...

What a cool book. Kids will have fun reading the book and learning about their muscles at the same time. Great looking cover. Thanks for sharing about this non-fiction rhyming book.