Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Fish theme games and songs!




· Make a couple of fishing poles by attaching 3 feet of string to a dowel and affixing a small magnet to the end of the string.

· Make fish shapes in different colors and sizes.  Attach a paper clip and put a number on each fish.

· Use large poster board to make a lake and spread the fish out.

· Also tape some numbered fish shapes to the floor. (floor fish)

Activity: Take turns going fishing.

· Ask them to catch the big fish, small fish, red fish, or blue fish. Count the number in each group.

· Blind fold them and let them fish. Identify the number on the fish.  Jump to the number on the floor fish.

· Fish for a certain number of fish. EX: Catch 5 fish. Jump five fish.

· Catch two fish. Add them together.  Use the fish on the floor to help them add the two fish together by jumping to the first number, then jumping the second number to find the total. 

· Or subtract them. With subtraction, jump forward for the big number, then jump backwards for the number to be subtracted.


Put your left fin in, put your left fin out,

Action: (Left elbow in, left elbow out)

put your left fin in and shake it all about

Actioin: (left elbow in and shake it)

Do the fishy pokey and turn yourself around

Action: (Turn in a circle}

That’s what its all about.

Action: (jump in place, clap clap)

Do the fishy pokey, do the fishy pokey,

Action: (Swim into the circle)

Do the fishy pokey,

Action: (Swim backwards out of the circle)

That’s what its all about.

Action: (jump in place, clap clap)

(Right fin)

Put your left gill in, put your left gill out,

Action: (left shoulder in, left shoulder out)


(right gill)

Put your tail fin in, put your tail fin out,

Action: (put your bottom in, bottom out)


Put your fish eye in, put your fish eye out,

Action: (put your head in, put your head out)


Put your fish belly in, put your fish belly out,

Action: (put your belly in, put your belly out)



Fishy swimming in a brook        

Daddy catches with a hook       

Mommy fries it in a pan

Children ate it then they ran.

Tune: I’m a Little Teapot

I’m a little fishy, watch me swim

Here is my tail, here is my fin

When I want to have fun with my friends

I wiggle my tail and jump right in!


Make letter squares of either 6, 8, 9, or 12 letters. Make sure there are vowels in each letter grouping. Each child must jump through as many fish words as he can with his set of letters. An observing student should check the spelling and write it down.  Set a time limit, count the words spelled correctly, and announce a winner. Change places with your partner. Fish words: fin, flipper, swim, dive, gill, school, scales, eye, tail, water, seafood, fillet, gut, seaweed, jump, mouth, eat, sand, mud, eggs, bite, catch, fluke, trout.


Tune: Frere Jacques

Big ones, small ones

Big ones, small ones

See them swim

On a whim.

Smoothly, smoothly, swimming

Never, never, drowning.

Fish, fish, fish,

Fish, fish, fish. 
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Maeve Frazier said...

Kathy - these are perfect for my grandson. Hope your sales are soaring on your book. "Wishing you lots of luck!"

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Hi Kathy - I love your blogger icon! Great idea!

kathy stemke said...

Thanks for all you help Maeve. Your the best!

Won't know how my sales are going until I get that first commission check???

Fingers crossed!

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