Thursday, September 2, 2010

Welcome Author/Publisher VS Grenier

VS Grenier is an Award-winning author & editor with over 30 short stories, articles, and crafts for children along with newsletter articles for writers. She also has multiple titles published in the Best of Stories for Children Magazine Volume 1 anthology. She learned how to hone her writing skills at the Institute of Children’s Literature. She’s also the Editor-in-Chief of Stories for Children Magazine.

Thank you, Virginia, I know my readers will love them. Can you tell us a little about yourself?

First Kathy, I want to thank you for having me on your blog. Well . . . I live in Southern Utah about 2 hours north of Las Vegas. So, if I ever get tired looking at all the red mountains or the laid-back life style, I can hop in my car and head to one of the cities that never sleep for some fun. Let’s see . . . I have been married for almost eight years. I also have three beautiful children ranging in age from fourteen to six months old. J The kids keep me very busy.

What tips can you give parents looking to share the love of reading and writing with their children?

· Visit the library often. Let your child pick out her own books.
· Ask your librarian to suggest favorites.
· Make book time a special time just for you and your little one.
· Let your child see you reading.
· Stop for a while if your child loses interest or gets upset. Reading should always be enjoyable.

Children who enjoy books will want to learn how to read and write!

Children learn new words by doing things with you, like talking with you. Talk about how things work, feelings, and ideas.

Reading informational books on subjects your children like helps increase their vocabulary. Children with bigger vocabularies become better readers and can more quickly understand the meaning of words in context.

The first words children learn to write often have emotional content. Ignore the niceties of spelling and penmanship . . . for now, at least. The mechanics of writing are taught in elementary school and if your little one isn’t learning this in school yet, don’t worry about it. If they are, then get a children’s dictionary and look up a few of the words together. Pointing out mistakes may make a preschooler or young elementary student self-conscious and reluctant to write.

What was the first thing you ever had published?

A short story about my father as a kid called Flying Upside Down. It was published in the Ezine Fandangle Magazine back in 2006.

Can you share with us a little about your most recent book?

My most recent book is Babysitting SugarPaw. This is also my first picture book. It’s a picture book about a little bear named SugarPaw who hopes to get rid of his babysitter, Bonnie Whiskers, by getting her into trouble after making changes to his rules chart. As this loving story unfolds, SugarPaw learns about honesty and friendship.

Babysitting SugarPaw
, with its child-centered plot on getting to know others, is the perfect book for little ones scared of being left alone with a babysitter for the first time and is endorsed by You can read the review at
Your readers can find out more about Babysitting SugarPaw at

Take a Look at the Trailer!

What prompted you to start Stories for Children Magazine?

Stories for Children Magazine
was going to be a hobby of mine as I worked on my own writing. I thought it would be fun to have a free site where parents, children, teachers, and librarians could come and read some stories, crafts, articles, and poems. Of course, like all my hobbies, Stories for Children Magazine took on a life of its own and has become the Ezine everyone knows today. It is also now one of many divisions to the parent company, Stories for Children Publishing, LLC.

To learn more about Stanley Bookman, the SFC mascot in the World of Ink visit us at The magazine is on hiatus until April 2011, but we have book reviews, tips, fun links, and some other free stuff currently on the site.

Do you have any other works in progress?

I have two picture books and two YA novels I’m working on in whatever spare time I get throughout the week. One of the picture books is almost ready for submission. It’s about a little girl who can’t whistle. The story is based off my childhood. The others are still being fine-tuned so I don’t want to say anything about them in case I make some major changes.

What would we be surprised to learn about you?

I went to college to be a fashion buyer and did that for just over 10 years before giving it up to stay home with my children. I’ve worked for some really interesting places like Motherhood Maternity, Frederick’s of Hollywood, Hot Topic, Inc. (I opened the first 5 Torrid stores and helped design them.), L’Occitane, and Brighten Collectibles to name a few.

For those who love to write and want to learn, they can visit our newest site Stories for Children Publishing, LLC at Your readers can also sign up for our FREE newsletter, SFC Newsletter for Writers which is sent out monthly and is full of articles on writing, markets, contest, workshops, conference, and much much more. It was voted one of the 101 Best Websites for Writers in 2009 by Writer’s Digest.

If your readers would like to learn more about my writing services, school visits, and books . . . they can visit me at

And lastly, there is the SFC: Families Matter blog at

Thank you for visiting us today, Virginia. You are a very creative and productive author. We look forward to your future books and magazines.

Kathy, it was a pleasure sharing Babysitting SugarPaw, my writing, and Stories for Children Publishing with you and your readers.

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Kristi Bernard said...

This is a great interview. I love the illustrations for Sugar Paw. Congratulations and much success VS.

Nancy Famolari said...

Very interesting interview. I learned more about V.S. Grenier. Excellent advice for parents. If you start early, children can learn to love books. Maybe even start really early. I read the Durant history of civilization when I was pregnant with Andrew, and he turned out loving books and history!!

Good post, Kathy

Donna M. McDine said...

Hi Kathy and Virginia:

Terrific interview! I especially like your tips to get your children reading.

Best wishes for your continued success.

Warm regards,

Cheryl said...

Wonderful interview, ladies. I learned so much about Virginia I didn't know.

Excellent tips for children. I've used more than one in my home.

Keep up the great work.


Darcia Helle said...

Great interview, Kathy and VS! I love the cover art for SugarPaw. Sounds like an adorable story!

Margo Dill said...

It's always exciting to learn about a new author and discuss children's writing in general. Thanks for the giveaway, too! :)

Margo Dill
margodll (at)

Virginia S Grenier said...

Wow, I get up this morning 9:30am my time to see if there are any emails to answer and I find my inbox full of replies for the Free issues of Stories for Children Magazine and even comments here waiting from all of you! What a great way to wake up and start the day. Thanks so much for stopping by everyone and thank you again Kathy for having me as your guest.

I'll be checking back through out the day so if anyone has a question, I'll be happy to answer it here.

grier cooper said...

Kathy: It was so inspiring to read this interview and see what one author has managed to accomplish. The magazine looks terrific, too. Thanks for sharing.

Debra Eckerling said...

Ditto what Donna said about your fabulous tips to get children reading. So much fun learning more about you, Virginia. Thank you both for such an enjoyable and informative feature!

terri.forehand said...

Great interview and wonderful to learn more about V.S Grenier. The re-launch of Stories for Children Magazine will be a fantastic resource for parents, children, and teachers. Can't wait for April 2011. Blessings for success to all.

kathy stemke said...

Thanks for stopping by everyone. Virginia is very talented and versatile. I've enjoyed having her as my guest.

Margot Finke said...

Great interview Kathy. And that trailer is a real cute tease - makes me want to read all about Sugarpaw.

Books for Kids - Manuscript Critiques

Dorothy Massey said...

Great interview, thanks. Will put a link on my blog;

Janet Ann Collins said...

Good interview. Stories for Children has probably helped lots of families enjoy reading.

Jane Kennedy Sutton said...

Enjoyed the interview and I'm amazed at all you are able to accomplish, Virginia.

I also enjoyed the cute trailer - makes me want to buy the book to see what happens!

Richard said...

Wow, that is a AWESOME Post. I was reading a post on and this guy is powerful. they call him the Real Estate Drill Sergeant. I know kind of weird, but he is a real Iraqi War Vet and a Successful Real Estate Investor/ Entrepreneur. Anyway, I just want to tell you guys about a straight up Expert not NO SCAM ARTIST GURU. Again, check it out for yourself

Virginia S Grenier said...

Thanks Margot. I did the book trailer myself. It was lots of fun to do and learn to do.

Dorothy, thanks for linking back to the interview.

Anonymous said...

Every time I see your picture it throws me. In my head you're much older.
One reason is your success with Stories for Children. I imagine a person that someone that successful would be older. has The other reason is a dear friend of the family (67 years old)) named Virginia. Congratulations on your book & success,.
J. Aday Kennedy
The Differently-Abled Writer & Speaker

Virginia S Grenier said...

Grier, thanks for the comment. We try our best at SFC to put out a quality Ezine.

Debra, thanks so much. By the way, Donna use to be part of the team and helped inspire some of the tips through emails we had.

Cheryl, I'm glad to hear you're inspiring the love of reading and writing in your home.

Darcia, I can't take credit for the illos. Kevin Scott Collier does an amazing job. He's also the illustrator of Stanley Bookman the SFC mascot.

Thanks Margo for the support.

Terri, I hope that means we'll be seeing some submissions from you. We're very excited to have SFC Magazine back as well.

Janet Ann, I hope so. That has always been my first goal. Second is helping new writers.

Jane, thanks so much. It's not always easy to get everything done, but I have a great support team behind me and the new SFC is bigger and stronger than ever. Many great things to come.

J.Aday, thanks so much for saying I look young. Trust me when I say the fine lines are starting to show up. LOL. Yeah, I haven't met anyone under 60 (including my aunt whom I'm named after)who shares my name. However, I tell myself one day I will grow into the name Virginia and that isn't too far off. I'm 35 so a little over half way there.

Thanks again everyone for stopping by, leaving a comment, and emailing me about getting your FREE issues of SFC Magazine. Kathy it has been great to be your guest.

Anonymous said...

Wow! Going from Fredericks of Hollywood to writing childrens storis. That's quite a leap. We also live close to Las Vegas. Its a quick 45 minute flight to fun and adventure. And yes, we take the kids. Never a dull moment. Its a great place to walk up and down the sidewalks.

Karen Cioffi said...

What a wonderful interview. I actually did learn more about Virginia. I agree you need to show by example that reading is fun and interesting.

SugarPaws is a delightful children's pb - I got it couple of months ago (my grandson had me read it twice). When I get the chance I'll do a review of it.

Accountant, Author & Freelance Writer said...

Great interiew! It's so nice to learn more about the writer behind these great stories.

Helena Harper said...

This was a very informative interview. I enjoyed learning more about Virginia and look forward to hearing more about her upcoming picture books.


Dallas said...

Great interview! Loved the new trailer!