Thursday, September 30, 2010

Gorilla Fun

Eat Like a Gorilla
Gorillas are mostly vegetarian, and they love fruit! Over half of their diet is fruit—and
yes, bananas are a favorite. Sometimes, though, they eat termites and caterpillars.
Have a gorilla meal one day with a fruit salad. Caterpillars are probably not a good
idea, but maybe you could have gummy worms for dessert.

No gorilla would turn down a peanut butter banana sandwich: a banana, sliced in half
lengthwise, with peanut butter spread between. Be aware of peanut allergies in your
classroom before serving peanut butter in any form.

Gorillas also like leaves and nuts—just like people.

Gorilla facts

How Are We Different? How Are We the Same?

Ask the children, “How are the gorillas like people?”

“How are we different?”

We eat some of the same foods, we both have two arms and two legs.
Gorillas can walk on their legs as we do. They have hands and fingers.
Gorillas have lots more hair than people. They don’t say words.

Are there other ways that people and gorillas are the same or

Check out a few of these gorilla books at the
public library:

Willy the Champ by Anthony Browne

Princess Gorilla and a New Kind of Water
by Verna Aardema

The Gorilla Did It by Barbara Shook Hazen

Gorilla by Anthony Browne

Goodnight, Gorilla by Ruth Bornstein

Koko’s Story by Dr. Francine Patterson J599.88

Gorilla Activities On-line

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Anonymous said...

What a fun post. I didn't know that gorillas liked peanut butter.