Sunday, March 28, 2010


Music Club Ideas

1) Hand bell Club- You can purchase a set of hand bells for kids that are color coded for the different notes they play. I found a set at Lakeshore Learning. The set came with color coded cards to play different songs such as “Mary Had a Little Lamb” and “Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star” You can start be teaching children about notes, note values, and scales and move on teaching how to play songs with the hand bells. As a special event at the end of the club event parents and friends to a Hand bell recital.

2) Karaoke Club- If you have a karaoke machine, or even just a boom box and microphone you can host a karaoke club. The children can practice, and you can hold a concert for them at the end of the club session.

3) Music Appreciation Club-Teach children to appreciate music. This can be accomplished in many ways. You can teach the kids to identify some classical music and then play a game of “Name that Tune.” They can listen to various styles of music and paint or draw about how it makes them feel. You can teach them about rhythm and have them clap or dance to different beats. Also, if you have access to a musical instrument set you can teach them to identify various instruments by sight and sound, and have children take turns playing the instruments.

Art Club Ideas

Teach children about various artists biographies and allow them to create art based on their styles. Make sure to allow for some time for children to create artwork base on their own artistic styles. At the end of the club hold an art gallery to showcase the children’s artwork.

Examples of artists you can showcase:
· Charles Schulz- kids can create their own comic strips inspired by “Peanuts”
· Georgia O’Keefe- flower paintings
· George Seurat-Kids can create pictures using pointillism or images that look completely whole but looking more closely are created with series of dots instead of connected lines.

Sports Club Ideas

Some Sports Club would benefit from having a great Coach. Talk with your parents/staff to see if anyone may be interested in coaching a sports club once a week or even once a month. If they are not available for a long term commitment perhaps you can have them come for the last (special event) session to perform a Demo or be a Guest Speaker.

1) Jogging Club
2) Basketball Club
3) Football Club
4) “Yoga for Kids” Club
5) Dance Club

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Susanne Drazic said...

I really like all the different school club ideas Kathy. I like how they can get parents involved by experiencing recitals, concerts and even an art gallery.

Kyaw Kyaw Naing / George said...

thank you for the helpful ideas.

Amit said...

Good ideas.

Carma Dutra said...

These are wonderful ideas. I have played bells before but didn't think about bells for kids. Also showcasing artists is an excellent idea.