Saturday, February 13, 2010


Click on the image of the zebra to get a larger coloring page. Just print it out!

1. Listen for the "Z z" sound in these words. Tell if you hear it at the beginning, middle or the end of each word.

Ziggy, lazy, gauze, buzz, zany, zero, crazy, chimpanzee, zeal
magazine, fizz, gazette, Zanzibar, frozen, hazy, fuzz, hazard,
pizza, Zeus, gaze, zeppelin, gizzard, zither, zigzag, zucchini, zone

2. Which words in these sentences have the "Z z" sound? Say where you hear the "Z z" sound: at the beginning, middle or end of the word.

a. Zachary zoomed around the yard like a crazy rocket.
b. Azaleas and zinnias grow in my garden.
c. You might see zebras and gazelles grazing in Zambia.
d. Zita won a prize at the pet show for her lizard.

3. Play a Word Guessing game. All of your guesses should begin with the "Z z" sound.

a. The number that comes before one is ________. (zero)
b. I like to see the wild animals in the ______. (zoo)
c. My favorite jacket doesn't have buttons, it has a ________. (zipper)
d. An animal that looks like a black and white striped horse is a _____. (zebra)
e. Another word for crazy is _______. (zany)

4. Sing a song called "Zany Z's" sung to the tune of "London Bridge."

Zany Z's are zipping by, Zipping by, zipping by.
Zany Z's are zipping by, Zip! Zap! Zoom!

Zany zebras are zipping by, Zipping by, zipping by.
Zany zebras are zipping by, Zip! Zap! Zoom!

Add more verses substituting other "Z z" words for the word "zebras."

5. Make some zipper rubbings. You'll need different colored crayons, a piece of white paper and a variety of zippers from jackets, duffle bags, jeans, purses, etc. Lay the zipper as flat as you can on a table. Place the paper on top of the zipper then using the side of a crayon, rub it over the zipper. Do this with different kinds of zippers in different colors all over the paper.

6. Show your child how to write "Z z" like this:

Z: Make a line from left to right on the top line then make another line from left to right on the bottom line. Make a sliding board from the top right line to the bottom left line.

z: Same as above only use the middle line and bottom line.

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Mayra Calvani said...

These are great exercises for kids, Kathy. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Hi Kathy, what a fun post. I'm going to have the Zany Z song stuck in my head! : )