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Tim Link is an author, writer, speaker, and full-time animal communicator. As part of his passion for helping animals, Tim has also mastered Reiki - an ancient art of energy healing - which he uses on animals.

Tim has recently been featured in numerous newspaper, television and radio shows including the Associated Press (reaching more than 115 different media sites across the nation and internationally including,,,,,,, etc.), “The Morning Show with Mike and Juliet,” “Good Day Atlanta,” Forsyth County News, The Bronx Times, Species Link, “Live Your Legacy”, “Cumming Home”, The Palladium-Item, The Other Paper, Woman 2 Woman Business, Atlanta magazine, “EveryDay with Marcus & Lisa”, Shirley MacLaine's Independent Expression Internet radio show, Aquarius, "Mornings with Lorri & Larry", "FOX & Friends", "Good Day Columbus", Gwinnett Daily Post, "Good Morning Texas", "Good Day Colorado", "Colorado & Company", The Detroit Free Press, "The Pat McMahon Show", "Sonoran Living", "Good Morning Arizona", "Arizona Midday", "San Diego Living", Tails, "More at Midday", Animal Fair, "Tennessee Mornings", "Better Mornings Atlanta", Dog Sport, and remains a regular guest on two Internet radio shows. Since May 2008, Tim has been a featured AJCpets expert for the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

Wagging Tales: Every Animal Has a Tale is a delightful read that introduces the reader to 32 stories about animals and the scenarios that prompted their human companions to consult with Tim. Each tale, which explores the thoughts and actions of each animal, and gives you insight into the daily world of what Tim does as an animal communicator. This book is appropriate for all ages who are curious about what goes on in the minds of animals just like yours.


“In my long career of working with domestic animals, pets, and wild animals; they never cease to amaze me! Whether it is their impressive strength, adaptability to new circumstances, social skills or their ability to communicate—they continue to re-define the term ‘animal’. Perhaps what we don’t know about animals will be the most incredible finding yet! Tim Link’s accounts in Wagging Tales will make you start thinking…”

Jack Hanna
Director Emeritus, Columbus Zoo
Host, TV’s “Into the Wild”

"Tim Link delights us with enlightening true stories that clearly illustrate the powerful process and results of telepathic communication with animals. The author is also refreshingly realistic about the limitations of his animal communication work. An entertaining and educational book!"

Penelope Smith, author of Animal Talk, When Animals Speak, Animals in Spirit
and editor of Species Link magazine

"Tim Link guides readers into the world of animal communication with his experiences, photos, and practical tips. He makes us aware how human decisions affect pets -- what kinds of candles cats don't like, how work schedules and changes upset pets, which pets don't want to share their toys. This is a delightful and helpful book that shows the utmost respect for sensient beings with whom we share our homes. Read it and become wise to the ways of animals."

--Allen and Linda Anderson, authors of Angel Cats, Angel Dogs, Angel Horses, and other books in a series published by New World Library,

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terri.forehand said...

Great information. I love animals too and have 6 cats, 10 dogs, and 6 alpacas on our 10 acres. They are all so fun and have different personalities. His information and talents are appreciated. Thanks for sharing.

kathy stemke said...

Wow, Terri, I thought my daughter had a lot of cats-10, but you top her!! You must spend lots of money on food. I just have one dog who thinks she's human. I know Tim-he's a great guy and very talented. You should check out his website.

Karen and Robyn - Writing for Children said...

What an interesting post. I use to have a dog and a cat - they were hysterical together, but both are long gone. I couldn't have another dog or cat as I became allergic over the years.

Karen Cioffi

Janet Ann Collins said...

This interview reminds me of a book I recently read called, "Do You Speak Dog."

Mayra Calvani said...

I have to order a copy of this book!

Accountant, Author & Freelance Writer said...

What a great book!! Animals have so much to share with us. Thanks for telling us about it. I'm off to buy a copy myself :)

Dallas said...

Wow! Tim I am blown away by your credentials and the many things you are doing to promote yourself and your book! Loved the video clip. Keep up the great work! You might be interested in contacting Allen and Linda Anderson with the "Angel Animals" network - they might be interested in reviewing your book.

nancycl said...

Can't wait to read this book!!! Just wish Tim could come here to talk to my wonderful feline, Tommy, who talks and talks all the time!!!

Heidiwriter said...

Wonderful! I've always been curious about communication with animals. I have one cat who "talks" incessantly, and I wish I could understand her (or at least know how to tell her to "shut up!" LOL)

Tim Link said...

Hi Everyone,
Thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to post your kind comments.
I do offer consultations by telephone if anyone wants to know what their pet is thinking...or has to say about what's going on in their world. My web site has all the details.
Oh, and Allen & Linda Anderson did endorse this book. My wife and I are big fans of their books and thought it was appropriate to ask them to provide a testimonial for Wagging Tales. We were both thrilled when they did.
For the animals,
Tim Link

kathy stemke said...

Thanks for being my guest, Tim. You've saved so many animals. Way to go!