Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Check out this important article on keeping your kids safe while using a cell phone.

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Anonymous said...

Hi, everybody. My name is Donna. I’m a working mother. My husband, Gerry, is a teacher. Lately, it seems that everywhere there is news of horrible things happening to kids. Whether it’s depression, bad social environments, or techno terrorism - the effects are staggering. Children as young as elementary school are taking their own lives and all too often it seems that parents had no idea why until it was too late. I’ve found, with a little research, that a large majority of kids are subject to these things through technology especially cell phones. Not only can they access inappropriate and scary websites at anytime and anywhere but they are being bullied by text messages. Plus, sexual predators are everywhere contacting our kids. Kids are texting in school, while driving, and even doing something called “Sex-ting.” We give our children these devices in the hopes that they are safer because of it but with so much freedom at their fingertips it may actually be putting them in more danger. I wondered if there was a way to have it both ways and then I caught this segment on “Good Morning America” about a software called WEB SAFETY. It seems to be the answer. It stops texting from any specific locations parents choose like school and the car. It sends alerts to parents when any dangerous communication occurs. It even gives parents a continuous location on their child through the phone. I found that the software is backed by prominent people nationwide and will soon to be available for our use in the Nashville area – where my family wants to relocate – as well as other locations nationwide. Also that I could personally help other people become involved in this worthwhile cause and we all could make a nice income just by introducing it to others. I truly believe that this program will make a difference. Everyone can be involved in making this world a safer place for our children.

Email me for further info on how you can join this very urgent and important cause.