Friday, July 17, 2009

S is for Scuba Diving: Movement Exploration

Movement is indicated by bold type. Play a CD of crashing waves as you act out this story. Remember to give the children enough time to explore each movement.

We slip into our swimsuits, slide our sunglasses on, and spray sun block all over our skin. We sail out to sea in our sailboat.

See the seagulls soaring high in the sky. We sling some shrimp for the birds to swallow.

Now we squeeze into our scuba stuff and spring off the ship. We splish and splash on the surface.

We submerge. We search for some shells. Scoop the shells up, and stack them in the sack.

We scout out a deep dark cave. We switch on our lights. We see the seahorses. They’re hungry. We shovel the seaweed to feed them.

Outside the cave we serve the fish some seaweed too. We stroke the fish as they scoot by. We snap lots of pictures.

Oh, no! We spot a shark. We swim and scatter as fast as we can. But the shark keeps steering himself towards us. Everyone stops. We shake and swerve out of his way. We spin around and see a friendly sand shark. He won’t hurt us.

We signal that we are safe and swim back to the ship. We scramble aboard and sit in the hot sun. We shut our eyes and sleep for awhile.

Seat Work

Preparation: Write each S word from the story on index cards. Add some non S words for sorting purposes.

Depending on the age group, you can sort action verbs, s words, or consonant blends.
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