Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Book Reviews for Preschool and Middle School


“Zooprise Party/Fiesta Zoopresa” is a charming biligual (English/Spanish) story that will introduce children to some unusual animals at the zoo. They will learn that friends come in all shapes, sizes, colors, and backgrounds. Author Rebekha Delgado and illustrator Joy Delgado go a step further to help you teach your children when they offer a wonderful activity book and a priceless teacher’s guide. The guide has reading discussions, art ,games, and information about the many unusual animals found in the story. No preschool or elementary classroom should be without this heartwarming book! To purchase click on the Laughing Zebra Books link in the right side bar.


The author, Lea Schizas, really captured the heart of high school boys in her book, “Bubba and Giganto:Agaist All Odds.” Through her "hip" dialog I could understand their fears and hopes to fit in. Because bullying is such a big problem in schools, it's important that through this book kids can start to understand some of the root causes. More importantly, it gives them alternative ways to fight back, not with their fists but with athletic challenges and with their words. Kids in school often have to make choices whether to bully, support the actions of a bully, or stand up against a bully. This book will give more kids the courage they need to stand up against bullying or better yet to reach out to the bully to help him understand his motives.

I loved the suspense the author created as we slowly learned the facts about the asthma death. The story is rich with interesting scenes in school and on the soccer field. It was heartwarming to experience these believable characters as they learned valuable lessons through their experiences and were truly transformed. This chapter book is highly recommended for grades 6 – 8. To order click on the Lea Schizas link in the right side bar.


Lea Schizas - Author/Editor said...

Thank you so much Kathy for a wonderful review. I'll go and post the link back here to my groups.

I had a fun time creating and meeting Bubba and Giganto. Now book two is in the works.

Vivian Zabel said...

Very good review, Kathy. Would you please send me a copy to put in Lea's file at 4RV?

elysabeth said...

Nice review of Bubba and Giganto. I didn't realize the characters were in high school. I've skimmed the book when I had the opportunity to help with the layout - double checking for orphans and widows and setting up the chapter pages - Ive not had a chance to read it yet. One thing you kind of gave away the deadly secret and that was part of the blurb on the back - to keep it secret to entice the readers. Other than that - good job - E :)

Zebee said...

Thank you Kathy for the really nice review. I just read it to my husband and he would like everyone to know that he translated it to Spanish. :-)
I'm going to post a link around to share it with my groups.

Thanks again,
Joy aka Zebee, or is it the otehr way around?

educationtipster by author Kathy Stemke said...

elysabeth, I didn't have a copy of the actual book so I didn't see the back cover. OOps!

Donna McDine said...

Kathy...great review! It's a shame that after all these years bullying still goes on. Can't wait to read it!

Donna McDine