Monday, January 10, 2011


Howstuffworks "How Valentine's Day Works",htm

The History of Valentine's Day

Valentine Exhibition-- Origins of the Valentine

Valentine's Day History

Lesson Plans

Candy Heart Sentences Language Arts Lesson Plan

Conversation Heart Candy Math Math Lesson Plan

Detective Valentine

Graphing Valentine Candies

How to Create a Valentine's Day Lesson Plan

Mend My Broken Heart Math Lesson Plan

Preschool Valentines Day Theme

St Valentine's Day

Valentine Letter Writing

Valentine Rap game Music Lesson Plan

Valentine's Day
Valentine's Day lesson plan

Valentine's Day Math Lesson Plans

Valentine's Kindness

Writing Acrostic Poems Valentines Poetry Lesson


Bear Box Craft for Valentine's Cards

Chocolate Boxes Paper Crafts - Learning Colors

Chocolate Boxes Paper Crafts - Learning Letters

Chocolate Boxes Paper Crafts - Learning Shapes
Gum Guy Cupids

Heartlight Candle Holders

Heather the Heart Shapes Buddie

Love Bug

Mosaic Heart for Valentine's Day
Valentine Placemat

Valentine's Bee Craft

Valentine's Day Crown or Hat

Valentine's Day Wreath Craft

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