Friday, May 28, 2010


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If you would like to get future in depth on my website I have 6 of the main U.S. Wars in my history index to use with your children.

General Information

History of Memorial Day

Memorial Day History

Origins of Memorial Day - Kids for Our Troops

The National Memorial Day Concert

US White House Commission on Remembrance

Lesson Plans

Creating a Memorial Day Poster Poem

Graphing Our History of Sacrifice

How to Plan a Memorial Day Flag Lesson Plan plan-memorial-day-flag-lesson.html

Learning Through Listening | Memorial Day Lesson Plans
http://ltl.rfbd. org/Classroom- Teaching- Tools/Lesson- Plans/Memorial- Day-Lesson- Plans/426/

Memorial Day

Memorial Day Lesson for ESL Students

Memorial Day Shoebox Parade

Memorial Day Theme for Preschool

Memorial Service Lesson Plans

NEA - Memorial Day Lesson Ideas

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Karen Lange said...

What great resources, thank you! I think this is an important topic that students need to learn. Have a great Memorial Day weekend:)