Monday, December 29, 2008

Great Spelling Site!


The Parents' Choice Foundation, the nation's leading experts on quality children's media and toys, recently selected the website as a Parents’ Choice Recommended Award.

Claire Green, president of Parents’ Choice says: “The Parents’ Choice Awards panel members noted as a fun way to practice for the weekly spelling tests. This practical and results-oriented site is cleanly designed and user-friendly.” equips students to become better spellers by letting them practice spelling with their own personalized lists, rather than just random spelling words. The site allows the user to do a variety of things with their spelling words such as see them in flashcard format, hear them spoken by a real human voice, play games with the words, and even take practice-spelling tests.

John Edelson, founder of, says this of the site's unique, personalized approach: "As a parent, I want the computer to be more than a game machine. Because spelling and vocabulary tests are a weekly reality for today’s elementary school students, they need educational tools that are applicable to their education. So I set out to create a site that fits into today’s educational model and which is truly useful to today’s teachers and students." has:

- Over 38,000 spelling words and eight spelling games!
- A REAL person who says each vocabulary word and sentence
- Thousands of free spelling lists. Or save your own spelling word list!
- Eight spelling and vocabulary games to play with your lists.

After taking the online spelling test, students can print out a report, retake the entire test, or get tested only on spelling words that they got wrong on the first time spelling test.

TeachMe spells and displays the word in ways that stimulate memory for visual and verbal learners.

Printable Games include WordSearch, UnScramble, WhichWord? and MissingLetter.

Printable Handwriting Worksheets for combined spelling and handwriting practice can be created from any saved list (this feature only works if the list is saved). Choices include three sizes of lines, capitals or small letters, script or cursive, and with directional arrows on or off. Very cool, huh?

Teachers: try their new Spelling City Parents’ Letter, available in PDF form for you to print out and send home with your students spelling word lists.

Let me know how you like this site. My next post will be about a vocabulary site!

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BBat50 said...

Kathy, I'm involved with SpellingCity. Thanks for the kind words. Just this week, we put up some demo videos to make it easier for teachers to get started with

educationtipster by author Kathy Stemke said...

Great, I'll check them out.

Anonymous said...

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