Thursday, June 30, 2011

New Book Review and Give-Away!

I added a You Tube video of myself reading Sh, Sh, Sh, Let the Baby Sleep by Kathy Stemke to my son. As I said in the video, I have a Masters in Education, but I also have a Reading Specialist Certificate, that is the main focus on my current position. This is an amazing book for children, based on a boy named Zachary who has a new little sister. Zachary isn't always happy about having his new sister Layla, but his mother counts on him to help with her care. He goes to get a diaper and ends up falling asleep and dreaming that he is a super hero. Throughout the book, he defeats many foes to protect his little sister. In the end, he wakes up and realizes how much he really loves his little sister.

The illustrations for the book are very colorful, and I think that Jack Foster (illustrator) did an excellent job depicting Zachary's character. The colorful pictures of all the characters obviously held A.J.'s attention in the video, and I think that shows how much this author/illustrator combination thinks about the young reader. I am very pleased with both the writing and illustrations for the book.

From a storyline perspective, this is a topic to which many students can relate. As a teacher, we often see students struggle with the birth/adoption of a new sibling. What I really like about the storyline is how he learns to care for his little sister, and why she needs her big brother! I think this is something many children can relate to, and it sets up a great plot with a neat conclusion.

In amongst the story line, there are some great phonics skills! There are blends and digraphs throughout the whole book, and there is also a rhyming element. This makes the book fun to read, as most younger students love to make sounds with their mouths, and even movements could be added to this. The blend/digraph focus is great, because it teachers several of them in the story, and they are also sound focused, which would make a great reading lesson.

One of the neatest features in the book are the comprehension questions, and all the activities to go with the story. This is highly unusual, unless you are purchasing a book directly from an educational publisher. I really like the fact that Kathy has taken the time to come up with so many great activities, and even a song. This is one of those types of books that could be timeless, and children could enjoy for many generations.

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