Monday, May 16, 2011

Create a Verb-Adverb Wheel

Create a verb-adverb wheel to aid them in their understanding and mastery of the adverb concept.

Each student will need the following materials:
a donut hole (purchased from a store or donut shop) 8-1/2 inch oaktag circle 3-1/2 inch construction paper circle 1 brad (paper fastener) crayons/markers

The Lesson
Are you looking for an "appetizing" way to introduce your students to the concept of adverbs? In this lesson, students use discovery and observation as they create a yummy way to remember adverbs.

First, pass out to each student a donut hole. Before they begin munching the donut hole, challenge them to brainstorm verbs that tell how they might eat the donut hole. Write on a board or chart the verbs that students share. For example, they might share verbs such as: chomped, chewed, bit, devoured, and so on
Next, have students provide words that describe how they are doing the action of eating the donut. Write those words on the chalkboard. For example, students might share words such as:  slowly, quietly, noisily, excitedly, and so on.

Point out that the words that describe the action are called adverbs.
Now that students know what adverbs are, challenge them to add to the list they already provided.

After students have finished eating their donut holes -- quietly, I hope -- pass out an 8-1/2 inch oaktag circle, a 3-1/2 inch construction paper circle, and a brad to each student. Have each student imagine that the small circle is the center of the donut.
In the center of the 3-1/2 inch circle, have each student write her/his name with a black marker. Also on the smaller circle (around the student's name in the center), have him/her write four of the verbs that were listed on the chalkboard. Students might write one verb on the small circle at 12 oclock, one at 3 oclock, one at 6 oclock, and one at 9 oclock. On the larger circle, have students select and write some of the adverbs that describe the verbs.

Students have created a verb-adverb wheel. They can spin the wheel to create a variety of sentences. For example
Harry chomped hungrily/noisily/slowly Harry devoured hungrily/noisily/slowly Harry gulped hungrily/noisily/slowly Harry feasted hungrily/noisily/slowly

At the end of the lesson, offer students time to frost or sprinkle their donuts. They can do that by turning over their donuts to decorate the side that does not have the verbs and adverbs written on it. Watch as they turn their verb-adverb circles into appetizing-looking donuts to go with the appetizing phrases on the other side!
Assess each "Appetizing Adverb" donut by checking for accurate labeling of verbs and adverbs.

Lesson Plan Source
This lesson is adapted from and idea I saw in Mailbox magazine.
Submitted By: Laura Graham, Tri-City Christian School in Independence, Missouri
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