Friday, March 25, 2011


What have I gotten myself into?  The A-Z Blogger Challenge! The theme of the first post on April 1st (No Foolin') will focus on a topic that begins with the letter A. Each subsequent post theme will work its way through the alphabet until April 30th when I reach Z.

And no, I haven't a clue what I'll write. That's the challenging part!

The good news is I won't be doing it alone. More than 625 bloggers have already signed up for this event. Want to join? Share in the pain, um, I mean the gain? We are, after all, talking about 26 new blog posts.

Click HERE to sign up. I dare you!

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Monica said...

Found you from the A-Z Challenge, it sounds like it’s going to be so much fun and I can’t wait to get started!! I’m now following your blog on GFC and I hope you have a chance to check out my blog and maybe follow me back!!

Carole Anne Carr said...

Well, I've signed, so good luck to us all! Kind regards, Carole.

baygirl32 said...

there are over 1000 people participating now! it certainly will be a challenge

Beth Reinke said...

This looks like fun! Can't wait to see all the books and topics in your alphabet. :o)

Jamie said...

I'm a new follower from the A to Z Challenge. I am looking forward to what fun things pop up throughout the month!