Friday, July 23, 2010

Summer Songs and Poems

(Sung to: She'll Be comin' Round the Mountain)

They'll be flying 'round the flowers in the yard. Buzz buzz. (flap hands)
They'll be flying 'round the flowers in the yard. Buzz buzz.
They'll be flying 'round the flowers; they'll be flying 'round the flowers;
They'll be flying 'round they flowers in the yard.

More verses:
They'll be slurping up the nectar when they come. Gulp! Gulp! (pretend to swallow)
They'll be scooping up the pollen with their legs. Fun! Fun! (Stomp twice)
They'll be feeding all the babies in the hive. Eat! Eat! (pretend to rock baby)
They'll be cooling down the hive with their wings. Flap! Flap! (flap arms)
They'll be making lots of honey that we'll eat. Yum! Yum! (rub tummy)

When the Bugs Come Out in Spring
Tune: When the Saints Come Marching In

Oh when the bugs come out in spring
Oh when the bugs come out in spring
I want to be outside marching

When the bugs come out in spring
I'll see some crawl; I'll see some fly
I'll count how many go marching by
I'll watch and see how many I know
Of the bugs that come out in spring

I'm A Little Turtle
(sung to the tune of "I'm A Little Teapot")

I'm a little turtle with a shell,
I have four legs, a head, and a tail,
When I get so scared I want to hide,
I pull my head and legs inside!

A New Itsy-Bitsy Spider

The itsty-bitsy spider
Crawled up on Jordan’s head.
He crawled all around, then used it for a bed.
He crawled down his back
and jumped down to the floor.
Then the itsy-bitsy spider
Crawled underneath the door.


The spider weaves a sticky web
To capture bugs to eat.
What keeps the spider's sticky web
From sticking to her feet?
Spider webs are very tricky
Because not all the strands are sticky.
Unlike the passing hapless fly,
The spider knows which strands are dry.
But if she accidentally stands
Upon one of the sticky strands
She still will not get stuck, you see-
Her oily body slides off free.

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abitosunshine said...

You know I had to sing along, hahaha!

Climbing Frames Online said...

Its a very funny song to sing with my children :)