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Pamela J. Devor is a freelance writer who gets much of the material for her books from her childhood. Being the mother of four children and the grandmother of ten grandchildren gives her a lot of ongoing material. She has a great imagination & likes to add fun & magic to her books. Pamela also likes to fill her stories with good family values. Pamela is working on her 2nd book which will be a sequel to 'The Troll Door, The Trunk & The Compass'. She lives in Southern Illinois with her family.


“The Troll Door, The Trunk, and the Compass” is about five siblings who spend the summer with their Aunt on the farm. There are lots of fun farm experiences for the kids who are thrilled to be there. Their aunt has had a hard time for about six months because her fiancĂ© disappeared (literally). She needs the children to distract her from her problem.

Alexander explores in the attic & finds an old trunk. Inside the trunk is a diary from a scientist who lived in the house over 20 years before. In addition to the diary is a compass that the scientist invented. The compass has dials for different years and different worlds. Alexander tries it, travels back in time and meets the scientist. Then together they set off to try to rescue his Aunt’s fiancĂ© from another world, if it is not too late.


Thaddeus said, “Ok, Let’s go. He pushed the GO button and disappeared. The girls touched Alexander’s arm and he pushed his GO button and they seemed to be traveling fast through a dark tunnel. They stopped and it was still dark. It was not only dark, but also cold and damp. Minnie fumbled in the backpack and came up with a flashlight. She turned it on and handed it to Thaddeus. Then she got the other flashlights and gave one to her brother and sister.

This place was made of rock. There were rocks under their feet, on both sides, and over their heads. There were also stalagmites and stalactites everywhere. They were in a cave! There were some beautiful crystal formations also. And some creatures that looked like orange lizards. There was some funny spider looking things that jumped.

Thaddeus told them that the spider things were cave crickets.
Thaddeus said, “I just wanted to check here first. This is number one on my World dial. I call it Subterraneoid. In this world there is no life on the surface of the world, just under the ground in these caves. If Kevin came this way, we should be able to find a clue.”...

We are looking at a portal in another world and it is in my time zone. So Kevin would not have disappeared yet. And if we look in your time zone, the clues might be lost by now. I need to not only set the world but also the time zone for just before the time Kevin disappeared so we can see him if he comes through this world portal. In my explorations I have traveled to different times on our world, but only to the current time on different worlds. But what you say makes perfect sense. You are teaching an old scientist to stay sharp, young man.”
So Thaddeus got out a calculator and did some figuring. While he was figuring, there was a movement up ahead but Thaddeus didn’t notice. The children were looking hard to see what was coming towards them out of the darkness. It was a big brown bear with white eyes.

The girls both shrieked. Alexander said, “Mr. Worthington, Sir – we have to GO now!” Thaddeus looked up and pressed the GO button a ½ second before Alexander did. Minnie and Alicia both had a hand on Alexander’s arm but Alicia’s shoe slipped on the wet rocks under her feet and when she tried to catch her balance her hand flew off Alexander’s arm. She found herself sitting on the ground and watching the other three disappear. The bear was coming towards her closer and closer. She scrambled to get back through the three-foot tall opening because the bear would be too big to get through. Her feet kept slipping and then she felt something touch her arm and she screamed....

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Donna M. McDine said...

Fantastic lead-in to the excerpt. Intruiging indeed.

Best wishes,
Donna McDine

kathy stemke said...

Thanks Donna.

Nancy Famolari said...

Love the excerpt. Looks like a great book for kids.

Karen and Robyn - Writing for Children said...

That is a great excerpt. I just saw a show on National Geographic about a crystal cave. It was amazing.

Pam's book sounds like a real page turner.

Thanks, Kathy and Pam.


Joyce Anthony said...

Spectacular post!!! This book sounds great!

kathy stemke said...

Thanks for stopping by everyone!

Liana said...

This piece reminds me of a time in my own childhood when I used to get lost in a story and daydream...super taste and I like the cover too.

Vivian Zabel said...

I finally found my way here. I've read about Pam's book, in fact if I remember correctly, I hosted her.

The book does sounds like one kids would like.