Tuesday, August 3, 2010


Strictly speaking, every day should be Earth Day because that’s the very least our planet deserves – to be treated with respect and concern for the protective home it provides us. However, one day in the year is set aside to celebrate this special occasion when we honor and acknowledge the earth’s contribution to our wellbeing and prosperity and strive to protect our environment and the only world we know – Earth Day is marked by activities and resolutions, some of which are kept and others that fall by the wayside. If you’re looking for ways to ensure that your contribution counts, here are a few good Earth Day activities and books:

Show you care:

1. Plant a tree.
2. Organize a garbage pickup or cleanliness drive.
3. Leave your car behind and walk, carpool or take public transport.
4. Skip the elevator and take the stairs.
5. Dispose of your trash responsibly.
6. Recycle and reuse whenever and wherever possible.
7. Work with land trusts to foster biodiversity/prevent extinction of species.
8. Campaign for cleaner air and fresh water.
9. Use recycled water for your garden.
10. Invest in solar power.
11. Upgrade your appliances to newer models that save power through efficiency.
12. Get your car a hybrid retrofit.
13. Work with a cleanup crew to protect natural habitats and save wildlife.
14. Grow your own garden of fruits and vegetables.
15. Go organic.
16. Buy from sustainable sources when you buy wood.
17. Dispose of electronic waste responsibly.
18. Use non toxic paints and recyclable building material in your home.
19. Don’t leave the water running or appliances on standby when not in use.
20. Go green whenever and wherever you can.

Get your kids more involved in Earth Day with these books:

1. Let’s Celebrate Earth Day by Peter Roop
2. Kids Can Care by Rhoda Orszag Vestuto
3. Earth Day by David F. Marx
4. Reduce, Reuse, Recyle by Rozanne Lanczak Williams
5. Teaching Kids to Love the Earth by Lachecki Marina
6. Let’s Get Ready for Earth Day by Lloyd G. Douglas
7. Every Day is Earth Day by Kathy Ross
8. The Great Trash Bash by Loreen Leedy
9. Earth Day Activities by Pamela Friedman T.
10. Earth Day – Hooray by Stuart J. Murphy
11. Earth Day (On My Own Holidays) by Linda Lowery
12. Earth Day by Linda Lowery
13. All New Crafts for Earth Day by Kathy Ross
14. Best Kids-Love-The-Earth Activity Book by Cynthia Overbeck
15. Earth Day by Nancy I. Sanders
16. Earth Day Birthday by Patty Schnetzler
17. 50 Simple Things You Can Do to Save the Earth
18. Earth-Friendly Outdoor Fun by George Pfiffner
19. Ecology Crafts For Kids by Bobbe Needham
20. More Teaching Kids to Love the Earth by James Kasperson

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Anonymous said...

Great list of things we can do to be earth friendly. Also a great list of books to read about Earth Day. I agree with you Kathy that everyday should be Earth Day!