Tuesday, January 1, 2013

N is for Necklace Project and my New Jewelry Designs!

N is for Necklace Project for Kids

I've been fighting bronchitis since December 20th. Bed bound, I decided to create some jewelry from repurposed items. Here's what I came up with.

This necklace is made with ribbon, string,
beads, an antique drawer pull, and an antique key.

This necklace was made from a simple chain necklace as its base. I added an antique shoe clip, lock and key, heart, earring, silver coin and a vintage cameo.

Next, I thought of a classroom project. Half the fun of this project is collecting the materials you want to make a necklace.

Have the kids do some collecting on their own. Here are some suggestions: buttons, tiny toys like cars or dolls, old jewelry (ask mom first), ribbon, string, chains, washers from dad's tool box,or old keys.

The teacher can add cardboard shapes like hearts, circles, squares, dogs, cats, fish, or even abstract shapes. You can have the kids paint or color them or you can use gold, silver or copper spray paint and do it yourself.

Feathers, beads, or painted toilet paper rolls would be handy as well. Punch holes on the top of each roll on each side for stringing and punch holes on the bottom so the kids can hang other objects from the bottom.

Antique drawer pulls or brass furniture parts can also make special feature.

You can make this a two day project, one day for preparing the objects and one day for assembling the necklace. Or you do the prep work and use just one day for the kids to assemble. Your choice.

This necklace was made with two chains, a piece from an old purse and an old piece of jewelry.

This necklace is copper. I used copper chain, beads, bling rhinestone, and a copper pin.

This necklace has an asymetric look to it with lots of beads, different chains and a large pendant.

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