Wednesday, March 17, 2010


I have kids in my class sort fruit loops by color and count them. Then we place the froot lopps in a baggie. Each child gets one. And they smash the froot loops up. Then they take a peice of paper and put glue all over and sprinkle the froot loops over the paper. They love the sorting and the smashing even more.

last year, during the first weeks of school, i had my students help make a color book. i offered the children a variety of colored paint/tissue paper/crayons and different mediums to use to color with/on. (for crayons they could color on sandpaper or the table, paint we gave them string to paint with, brushes, cars to drive through and make car tracks, feathers to use to paint...).
each child made one color page. i then typed up something similar to brown bear with the colors, attached it to the pages and laminated/bound it.

the children enjoyed looking at the book! i also found (though google images) various pictures and print/laminated them. the children would be shown the yellow page and then be given a choice of a black tire or yellow banana to match to the page. you could obviously give more choices to pick from.

Another great idea involving colors during Whole Group Time is "Color Investigation". Have the children be detective and give them a small magnifying piece or whatever you would like. Choose the color you are working on and have the children go around the room finding the color. They love this!!! This can be done with shapes, letters, numbers- whatever you want.

Blue - blue is another word for sad, brainstorm things that make you sad.
Orange - use magazines to cut out pictures of foods that are orange.
Yellow - use gardening magazines to cut out pictures of flowers that are yellow and label each one.
Red - brainstorm a list of words that rhyme with red.
Green - brainstorm a list of words that begin with the letter blend gr.

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Shelly Terrell said...

What a fantastic idea! From experience, I have learned children love being detectives. Investigation is a higher-order thinking skill that they also enjoy. Thank you for the great ideas!

Anonymous said...

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don't give up and keep penning seeing that it just simply well worth to follow it.
excited to browse through a whole lot more of your own writing, stunning day ;)

Marie said...

I love your ideas with the fruit loops!! I think kids discovering colors and manipulating is very exciting!!

Unknown said...

Thanks for your kind comments.